WoT: Czech Autocannon Tech Tree Rumours

A few days ago WG announced a tier 3 Czech light tank. The tank itself is very forgettable and nothing special, and it’s not what we care about here. Instead, what caught my attention is the module names of the vehicle, with index “Cz29”.

The modules of the new tier 3 Czech vehicle, the Pzw. 39. Pay attention to some of the modules, which have an index “Cz29”.

Okay, why does the index matter, it’s just a number, right? Well, the index numbers actually hold a lot of secrets.

The index numbers of tanks

You may remember the article I made a year ago about long lost tanks and leaks in WoT, which discussed stuff such as the French super-heavies, Sturmtiger line and the original Japanese TD line from 2016. I explained the importance of index numbers there (which confirms that both the French super-heavy and Sturmtiger line existed for PC), but I’ll talk about them here again.

Each tank has a internal name that consists of an index number and the tank name. The index consists of 1-2 letters, descripting the nation, and then the number, which descripts the order the tank was added into the game (note: not for live server, but for some sort of pre-supertest closed testing). For example, the Type 5 Heavy has an index “J20”, which more or less stands for “20th Japanese tank”.

Sometimes, there’s missing indexes. The missing indexes don’t automatically mean that there’s a mysterious missing tank – it could also be a some kind of testing platform that was never intended for release. However, sometimes the missing indexes may confirm missing tanks or even entire tech trees. For example, the German tanks G127 – G133 are missing from PC. Well, it turns out the Sturmtiger line on Console has those exact index numbers, which is what confirms that the Sturmtiger line was originally intended for PC.

The index of the Pzw. 39 and how it confirms the existence of 8 (!) unrevealed Czech tanks

This is where the index number of the new Pzw. 39 comes onto play. It has an index number “Cz29”. The previous Czech tank added to the game, ShPTK TVP-100, has an index number “Cz20”. Between the ShPTK and Pzw, there’s a whole 8 unknown Czech tanks missing. Or well…are they exactly unknown?

The autocannon vehicle that was teased in December 2022. Due to its base color and its appearence, it is rumored to be a Czech light tank, presumably the tier 8 premium tank.

In their “Future of WoT” video from December 2022, WG hinted that a tech tree, or at least a new tank, with new autocannon mechanics would be coming to the game. Since then, there hasn’t been any mentions of the tech tree/tank itself – only a “fun” gamemode, Overwhelming Fire, was added. While the mode was said to be just for fun, I always thought it was pretty obvious that WG would be using it as a test platform to see how players would like the autocannons. One of the vehicles, the Thunderclap, even had very similar overheating mechanic that was seen on the autocannon vehicle in the December video.

The nation and class of the autocannon tech tree was never confirmed, but the base color and the appearence of the tank strongly suggested a branch of Czechoslovakian light tanks.

The connection between the missing 8 Czech tanks and the new autocannon branch hinted on December
  • A Czech tech tree makes sense, since recently WG has been prioritizing adding new tech trees for smaller nations. Currently, Czechoslovakia and Poland are the only two nations that still have less than 3 tech trees.
    As such, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a new Polish tech tree in 2024.

  • The autocannon tech tree was rumored to be the next tech tree after the 2nd Japanese HT line, which will come in very late 2023/early 2024. The fact there’s as many as 8 Czech tanks missing further supports the rumor that the new autocannon tech tree will be Czech.

  • The missing 8 Czech tanks suggests that there will be 7 tech tree tanks and one tier 8 premium. This would mean the new tech tree will be tier 4-10, which would fit in perfectly, as they would branch from a tier 3, the Lt vz. 38, which happens to be a light tank. This also supports the rumor that the autocannon tech tree would be a line of Czech light tanks.

  • The autocannon vehicle shown as early as in December 2022 makes it very possible that all of the new autocannon tanks could very well already exist. This could explain why the new tier 3 Czech tank has higher index number than the new tech tree, despite being revealed earlier.


Of course, this is still a rumor, so it could still end up being wrong. However, the silly little number of a shitty Czech tier 3 happens to connect very well with the rumor of the new autocannon tech tree being a line of Czech light tanks. As such, I believe the following is EXTREMELY likely:

The next tech tree after the 2nd Japanese heavy tech tree is a line of Czech light tanks with autocannons. The new tech tree will be a tier 4-10.

source: u/leggasiini’s post from reddit

13 thoughts on “WoT: Czech Autocannon Tech Tree Rumours

    1. We knew about autocannons, and the likelihood of them being czech. But them being light tanks and a time frame for them has been speculation. This is more evidence to support that.

  1. I was secretly hoping that the autocannon event was to test the viability of nerfing premium ammo damage and not a test for a gimmick tech tree.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, it was half-official that the Overwhelming Fire was to test mechanics, not necessary for the sake of “having fun”. The rumours are old btw, the index numbers are just confirmation that WG is indeed preparing something for the Czech tree.

    2. To be honest, Overwhelming fire is the worst possible place to test such groundbreaking changes as rebalancing premium ammo. It’s a game mode with increase HP poll, that allows you to drive around like crazy and hope to win the battle to get some bonds for free. This is completely disjoint from Random battles where gold ammo is the most problematic.

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