WoT: Czech Light Tank Branch Release Date

By release date :

Because Polish TDs entered the SuperTest earlier than the Czechoslovakian branch, we expect the release of the Poles in the second half of spring, and the Czechs at the very beginning of September 2024.

12 thoughts on “WoT: Czech Light Tank Branch Release Date

    1. Maybe the last branches added to WoT? If Project ClownWorld will become a financial success, WG will put all resources in this game.

      1. That’s exactly what I think will happen.
        Although the older wot players won’t enjoy the new game because they are too old and slow and decrepid. So when the good players move to the new game the wot will drop again from 47 to 43% wr

        1. What you’re saying makes no sense. Neither theoretically nor mathematically. If all the good players left WoT for Project CW, WoT playerbase will be like ~10 years ago.

      2. This is what I thought when I saw the 2024 Sneak Peak video. 3 completely new mechanics in one year? This has never been the case. Usually they introduce one new mechanic and the other tech tree branches throughout the year are just to add new tanks. And now we get 3 new mechanics, which can easily be spanned throughout 3 years? Either WG are comletely wreckless with the development of their game, or soon… there won’t be any development at all!

        1. i dont know why some ppl believe at wg and from the playerbase that tanks need new gimmicks to be interesting or feel new. new gamemodes maps, and a new fucking meta is what would refresh the game not some stupid fucking bs mechanic that is either totally useless or just situational at best

          1. I also think WoT needs other things than new mechanics to become relevant again. I dont really dislike the idea of new gimmicks and mechanics exclusive to certain nations. But i think that maps, vehicle balance or in short a bit of a meta shift should hold priority over new features. If the time comes for new tech-trees to be implemented i prefer historical vehicles over semi-historical vehicles with new mechanics. But the latter might be a unpopular opinion.

      3. Anybody who expects Project CW to replace WoT is delusional. The only thing they’ve got in common is that both involve tanks.

  1. oh thank god i thought i made a new czech crew for nothing….if there is 4 crew then i made a lil too much skill involved….sounds fun to have ^_^

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