WoT Auction 2024: BZ-72-1 & ISU-122-2

It is almost guaranteed that both BZ-72-1 (tanks.gg) & ISU-122-2 (tanks.gg) will appear on one of the auction days.

Quotes from the official WG video:

One of the lots is a new apex predator. It features an impressive combination of mobility, armor, and firepower. (BZ-72-1)

Or it can become a shell itself, if necessary. (BZ-72-1)
Different tiers, different mechanics… even different numbers of guns. (ISU-122-2)
But all the lots have one thing in common— they’re all valuable tanks.

These tanks are already in the Patch 1.23.1 Game Files and are ready to release.

10 thoughts on “WoT Auction 2024: BZ-72-1 & ISU-122-2

  1. In the first picture, the place of the tower in the upper part is missing under the tarpaulin, in the second picture the rocket is vertical, while in the bottom picture it is horizontal!

  2. Another comparison is that in the top picture the gun is much lower and the rockets are located inside, in the bottom picture the hump should be much higher because of the machine gun! You are not famous for your wits, my KáSa son!

  3. as the other guys pointed the first pic is completely different, i would say it looks like an isu, the gun is located pretty much in the middle of the hull and the back looks like logs over the engine deck, my bet is that it is the isu-130 or the 122

  4. You know that these images can just be placeholders? And not the real tank with a piece of cloth thrown over it? So any speculations (other than the double-barrel) are purely shots in the dark imo.

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