WoT Express Auction 2024 Leaks: Full List Of Tanks

Okay, here you go. The order of tanks may be different.

• T-22 MED. (USSR, Tier-10, MT, promotional)
[NEW] BZ-72-1 (China, Tier-10, HT, promotional, mechanics: rocket boosters)
• TL-7 (USA, Tier-9, TD, premium)
[NEW] ISU-122-2 (USSR, Tier-8, TD, premium, mechanics of double-barreled guns)
• WZ-111 Qilin (China, Tier-10, HT, promotional)

source: WOT Express donators only articles

20 thoughts on “WoT Express Auction 2024 Leaks: Full List Of Tanks

    1. my guess is TL 7 and Quillin will be for credits and the new tier 8s premium will be for gold. I have Quillin from a previous auction, i don t feel comfortable playing it, its just gathering dust in the garage

        1. Don’t go for it. It’s slow, turns bad, loads long, and DPM isn’t worth it. Like Gsor TD but at Tier IX. I have it already.

  1. I am only interested in T8s for Frontline. Couldn’t care less for these useless T10s which people buy for exorbitant amounts and then barely ever use them (under 100 battles). These T10 reward tanks are also useless for competitive modes like Onslaught, so basically inferior to tech tree tanks in use cases.

  2. Remember folks. Most of any money you spend is going to the development of two other games unrelated to WoT. I just like to remind folks of that. (⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠)

    1. Oh boy a part of me wishes project cw succeeds just so I can drink all the salty tears from wot players

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