6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: BZ-72-1 In-Game Screenshots

    1. Oh you won’t, because this abomination will get nerfed hard.
      There’s no way a tank with all of those tools can find a way in the game.
      Even with WG, it’s just not possible to be braindead to that level.
      The easiest way is just cut off the booster mechanics from this thing completely and it’s still a decent tank.

      1. The fact that it was even concieved in this form is crazy. I agree with cutting off the boosters, would make it a lot better and is an easy fix. If they really want the boost, I think it would be interesting if they reduced the speed A LOT (down to 40 at least) and made its armor as bad as a 50b. Give it decent gun handling, nothing exceptional but decent, and middling dpm and voila, you got yourself an actual unique heavy tank

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