The Future of World of Tanks: 2024 Edition (Roadmap for 2024)

We had a blast in 2023, but now we’re excited about what the future holds!

2024 will bring even more epic battles, new achievements, tweaks to your favorite modes, enhanced crews, new challenges and rewards for clan players, three new branches, three new mechanics, dynamic Random Events, and much more!

Believe us, you won’t want to miss out!

Recon Missions with new explosions on various new maps
“dangerous objects.”
New mechanics on maps for testing.
a) Combustible items. In some locations, flammable objects will appear in the form of fuel tankers or barrels, and when they explode, an area is formed in which the HP of all tanks in this zone begins to decrease. Now it costs 30 seconds. actions of such an area.
b) Smoke. By breaking the barrels on the map, smoke will be released from them, which will remove all tanks in the smoke zone from exposure to enemies. Newly added Smoke screen ability in Recon Missions:

Waffentrager 2024.
[end of September]
This is expected to be the last run of this mode.New achievements for collectors and more: Crew Changes:
Crew improvements 2024. [spring]
* Has been postponed from 2023
Stage 3 of improvements: recruiting, crew fines, some interface.
New Clan Challenges:
New tasks, rewards, updates and a new tier 10 tank.
A new CW reward tank (maybe MBT-B, Obj. 452KBZ-72-1 or something unexpected)Overwhelming Fire will return.A new experimental racing mode:
A completely new fan mode and an incredible experience that you have never experienced in World of Tanks.
3 new branches – Japanese HTs with gun cooling[January],
Czech autocannon vehicles[late April],
Polish TDs with the damage output depending on the distance of shell travel

Vehicle rebalance (2023 list of awaiting vehicles to be rebalanced)
More vehicles will be affected than last year, including:
• branch of Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
• branch of Pz.Kpfw. VII
Random events with many more maps introduced like Karelia, Cliff etc. A new Halloween special

10 thoughts on “The Future of World of Tanks: 2024 Edition (Roadmap for 2024)

  1. nice fucking joke lmao
    polish tds will release the same way jap heavies are – in early 2025
    cw tank either crazy op or useless junk, just look at the last 3:
    -116-f3 nobody plays it
    -carro nobody plays it
    -chief needed years to nerf parts of it that already made it frustrating to play to become straight unbearable
    wow they will rebalance what? another 20 tanks in a whole year? really should be applauded, that whole +6 degrees of turret rotation speed the bc gonna get really needs like 4-5 years to think about and test ofc because “data”
    the amount of content in this roadmap used to be in about 2 big updates about ten years ago, under 6 months, but why work when clowns will pay for anything and everything lmao

  2. No new maps and no new permanent game modes.
    What a surprise… Not.
    I’d rather pay and play Lego – Fornite

  3. The new reward tank looks distinctly like a wheeled vehicle. Look at the cover on it and you can see the front left wheel turned to the left with the outline of the other wheels behind it in the canvas.

    Also, the size and shape look distinctly like a british medium wheeled vehicle.

  4. When will we ever see the actual Chief Mk 6?

    It’s been in the client for half a decade and we’ve got nearly every hybrid and prototype version imaginable and a few that weren’t! Plus now the FakeChief’s been nerfed to hell, so why not?

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