WoT 1.22: Incomplete Vehicle Rebalancing

Previously, the developers showed a list of tanks in the “Future of World of Tanks” video that was supposed to be rebalanced.

Tier X: 121, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, Rinoceronte, Type 5 Heavy, E 50 M, WZ-132-1
Tier IX: M46 Patton, Obj. 430 II, T95
Tier VIII: IS-3, KV-4, AMX 65 t, TVP VTU, 110, Centurion Mk. 1
Tier VI: ARL 44, VK 30.01 (P), ARL V39

From this list, we only received changes to the: M46 Patton AMX 65t and 110.

The question is when and where is the REST? All of these tanks require some kind of adjustment to make them relevant.

17 thoughts on “WoT 1.22: Incomplete Vehicle Rebalancing

    1. Why not?
      Too busy churning out even more premium tanks to go back and rebalance?

      1. Considering your response you are bent against wargaming which is fair. All of this is long overdue. But releasing a huge volume of changes at once has always been a bad idea when talking about wargaming’s playbook. Or any game’s playbook really. I would always advocate caution over disaster. And with this playerbase’s ability to rage and yell I would feel correct in this stance.

        1. You’re correct. Imagine the shit storm if WG released multiple tanks that are as totally unbalanced as BZ-176.

        2. Incorrect – Dota2 frequents patches that overhaul the game ( hero nerf/buff/change, map reworks and core game mechanic changes ).
          Games can and most often will enjoy a change like this – change the MM for a year then change it back, then change it again to something completely different. If it becomes game-breaking then revert within a week – DONE

          1. New players don’t want to wait 2 years for 1 new map or rebalances. That’s why there’s nothing called new players anymore

  1. Most of these vehicles already received rebalancing or are set to get rebalanced during an upcoming patch/patch 1.22 maybe? Like the batchat line is already getting a rebalance here soon, 121 line got massive buffs a while back, same with the rino and e50m, so idk what you’re on about in this article.

  2. It was not VK 30.01 (P), it was Tiger (P). And he did get a little love.
    They already did Rinoceronte, T95, Centurion and ARL V39

  3. Out of this list, the only not-yet (or to be) balanced vehicles are: 121, Bat-Chat, Type 5H, E50 M, WZ-132-1, Obj. 430 II, IS-3, KV-4 and TVP VTU. The rest already got their buffs this year.

    Regarding the aforementioned tanks, I think 121, E 50 M and IS-3 are fine as they are now, Bat-Chat and KV-4 need slight buffs. Type 5H is very sensitive topic, since it can easily get overbuffed again. Obj. 430 II has a solid gun, it’s just unpopular due to its playstype and I don’t think this can be changed (wouldn’t mind a buff or two here and there though).

    Only for WZ-132-1 and TVP VTU I can say thery are utter trash for their tier and class now and need some serious rework.
    For WZ-132-1 I can say there is no way to make it relevent, whilst preserving the chinese LT’s playstyle. It will always be this hybrid between medium and light, which is bad at both. The best WG can do about it is to make it a Sheridan (with 105 mm cannon) with worse gun handling and some armour.
    Speaking of the TVP, it seriously needs either an autoloader, or amour, or mobillity (but not all of them).

    1. personally I wouldn’t consider the AMX 65 t’s changes as any kind of rebalancing, it’s still completely shit

    2. WZ-132-1 was special,when first introduced.
      Biggest alpha LT.
      Meanwhike,most LTs have 390 alpha.
      Give WZ 420 alpha,paired with better turret armor,and make it a real combat specialized LT-Medium hybrid

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