WoT RU: Maneuvers – Shadow Front

A big event in the 7×7 Stronghold format is preparing to challenge the clans again.


The main loot is one of nine tanks that you can choose from. Including the new Tier X heavy tank from Czechoslovakia, Gothic Warrior, with a two-shell reloading system!


Basic Rules

• Battle format – 7×7 on any Tier X vehicle at the appointed time.
• Game servers: RU6 (16:00 – 23:59 Moscow time) and RU8 (13:00 – 19:00 Moscow time).
• Battle type – Standard.
• Fog of War: enabled.
• Clan combat reserves: Inspiration, Shelling, Heavy Transport are disabled.
• Legionnaires: disabled.  
• Duration of the battle: 10 minutes.
• Basic amount of industrial resource for winning a battle: 1000.


By fighting, clans and players earn fame points. After the event is completed, rewards become available for fame points – both personal and clan ones.


For completing progression stages, you will receive more clan and personal fame points.

Disabled equipment

Vehicles destroyed in battle are disabled. When entering battle with a disabled vehicle, the clan fame points received are reduced in proportion to the number of vehicles remaining in service in the squad. Personal points are not earned


Officers and the clan commander can reset progress and receive repair resources to return damaged equipment to service. In this case, the previously accumulated repair resource will be reset to zero.

5 thoughts on “WoT RU: Maneuvers – Shadow Front

  1. Nice, first they nerf the VZ an then they release the unnerfed version a couple weeks later. Nice.

    1. Its also nerfed… When you dont have info, shut up and dont spread lies and desinformations.

        1. I dont know if you can read and understand or not or if you are from China where it was sold in auction before, but EU and RU servers can get it and it CAN GET NERFS what literally means for us in Europe it surely gets nerfed to tech tree stats and specially after 279 and Chief nerfs… Can you imagine the rant if it wouldnt be nerfed and it would be sold in auction in that state???
          Is it clear now for you? Can you also “read between” the lines?

        2. No wonder WG gets stuff wrong when retards like this guy screams the loudest all the time. THAT IS FOR THE CHINESE SERVER YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING TROGLODYTE OF A HUMAN BEING.

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