WoT RU: Tier 9 Ranked Battles

How it works?

Ranked battles are a competitive mode where the strongest tankers fight, and the best of the best receive well-deserved rewards.

The player’s path passes through qualifications and three divisions. Qualification is a fixed number of fights. Within each division you need to complete five ranks.

Between ranks there is a certain number of chevrons. As soon as you receive the required number of chevrons, you will automatically advance to the next rank. Reaching rank 5 means automatic promotion to the next division.

The speed of advancement depends on the results of battles: the more often a player wins, the faster he moves forward.


All players of the winning team who have gained at least one unit of experience will receive one chevron. The player on the losing team with the least amount of experience loses one chevron. The remaining members of the losing team retain their chevrons.


One thought on “WoT RU: Tier 9 Ranked Battles

  1. I miss Ranked. Onslaught is worse in almost every aspect. Sadly, WG have removed it forever! Lesta has both modes though!

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