WoT: Vz. 55 and Vz. 55 “Gothic Warrior” Characteristic Differences

In tomorrow’s 1.22 update, The nerf of Vz. 55 will be released in all regions. And usually with changes to one tank, all other copies made on its base (if any) also change.

In this case, the Vz. 55 Gothic Warrior (Czechoslovakia, Tier-10, promotional, drum for 2 shells) did not receive similar changes. This decision, as we understand, is intentional, because in the Chinese region, where this tank was available earlier in the auction, it was not nerfed on purpose.

Even if the tank appears in other regions (RU, EU), the nerf can still reach it.

The difference between Vz. 55 and Vz. 55 Gothic Warrior:
• Reload time: 23.97 – 21.09 sec
• Reload time between projectiles: 2.50 – 2.00 sec
• Gun rate of fire: 4.53 – 5.20
• Aiming time: 2.88 – 2.59 sec
• Average damage per minute 1 (AP) projectile: 2 221 – 2 546
• Average damage per minute 2 (APCR) projectile: 2 221 – 2 546
• Average damage per minute 3 (HE) projectile: 2 901 – 3 326

6 thoughts on “WoT: Vz. 55 and Vz. 55 “Gothic Warrior” Characteristic Differences

  1. Hopefully the reskin remains China-exclusive, there’d be such a shitstorm if they sold the un-nerfed Vz in the other regions.

  2. let me guess
    it will throw fire everytime it shoots
    WOW like was never implemented before [ not ] kekw

  3. They’ve never mentioned the Gothic Warrior once in any of their main servers, that’s the reason why we shouldn’t waste time on creating dramas, it’s just unnecessary and stupidly toxic at the same time.
    Until they put this unnerfed Vz.55 on sale, there’s nothing to say.

    1. unnecessary and stupidly toxic

      Look who’s talking, lol.

      And no, it’s not “unnecessary” at all, I wish people were aware that WG could pull such a move – nerf the techtree, but leave the premium untouched, and then maybe sell the latter in an auction or some other event for a grossly inflated pricetag.

      1. So you have no idea that before WG sold the WZ Qilin, the tank had 530 alpha and some other advantages over the Techtree one. Then WG made it identical to the Techtree one so they could sell it for a huge amount of money without making people mad.
        I usually bash WG for their greediness and ignorance, but I don’t make this kind of unnecessary shit talks.

      2. Everyone is aware that they can “pull such a move” but what is the point in talking about it before theirs any reason to even suspect it happening. Chinese Wot and EU/NA wot are worlds apart and there is absolutely ZERO reason to expect the tomfoolery they are up to in the Chinese region will ever reach EU/NA.

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