WoT EU Supertest: BZ-72-1 Changes

BZ-72-1 (China, Tier-10, HT, promotional, mechanics: rocket boosters).

• Gun loading: from 14.00 to 14.38 sec
• Gun rate of fire: from 4.29 to 4.17
• Accuracy at 100 m: from 0.36 to 0.38

• Dispersion during movement (max.): from 0.17 (8.50, 12.75 at acceleration) to 0.20 (8.00, 12.00 at acceleration)
• Dispersion during hull traverse (max.): from 0.17 (6.03, 0.90 at acceleration) to 0.20 (7.09, 1.06 at acceleration)
• Average damage per minute with 1 (AP) projectile: from 2,400 to 2,336
• Average damage per minute with 2 (HEAT) with a projectile: from 2,400 to 2,336
• Average damage per minute with 3 (HE) projectile: from 2,743 to 2,670
• Max. forward speed: from 50 (75 at acceleration) to 40 km/h (60 km/h at acceleration)

13 thoughts on “WoT EU Supertest: BZ-72-1 Changes

  1. As expected, big nerfs to the speed and gun. Its still faster than pre nerf BZ-75 and by far the fastest heavy when using a turbo. Gun is looking pretty troll now, and I wish they nerfed the armor over the gun.

    Lowkey, the fact that you get +9 with a bond turbo is the biggest balancing hinderance. It makes the BZ-175 so fucking fast for no reason with its derp and armor. Its one of the reasons the BZ-75 had to get a speed nerf before release and now its the same speed as the BZ-176. And now its tough to balance this BZ-72-1 because an equipment that can give +9 to speed is fucking nutty

    1. Actually not that hard.
      It can be fast but it can’t smack people very hard. Just nerf its alpha.
      Or, it can smack very hard but it can’t be this fast. More top speed nerf.
      Or, it can smack very hard and is also very fast, but it can’t smack people this often/reliably. More reload/gun handling nerf.
      The current BZ-75 is a tank that can take early positions, can smack you very hard, but not very often and reliably. It’s also pretty durable.
      There’s no reason for this BZ-72-1 to do all of that but way better.

      1. Thats true, all of those would make it a lot more balanced and is pretty easy. Nerfing the gun handling is not ideal, makes the tank not fun to play or play against. Nerfing the speed is ok but the speed feels like the defining characteristic of the tank. I didn’t consider nerfing the alpha and actually, that seems pretty ideal. In fact, if they dropped the alpha dramatically (like down to 400 or even lower), and kept its dpm on the low side (around that of 277), then they could make the gun handling better and the tank overall would be fun to play, not bad to play against. Its a dramatic departure from the original concept though, so something like that will probably never happen

        1. 490 is the minimum for a tier 10 130mm gun, so if they decide to nerf its alpha, it will be 490.
          I would have no problem with this thing going around at 75 km/h if its alpha gets nerfed to 490, base DPM down to 2.1k, accuracy to 0.4.
          It can have a bit better stabilization and it will be totally fine.
          In other words, it can still be ridiculously fast to retain its uniqueness. but its firepower has to be limited to balance it out.
          Even if someone at WG is sane enough to nerf it like that, it will still be one freaking crazy tank that can boost + smack any MT for 1k+ dmg.

  2. Still 10 km/h faster than BZ-75, with much better reload speed and better aim time and accuracy despite only 90 alpha damage difference, I don’t get why people are celebrating.

    It’s less oppressive (as first presented it was braindead OP), but it’s still good enough to make BZ-75 completely irrelevant.

  3. Nice changes (and well deserved ones!). Thoguh, I would’ve loved it if the tank had speed in the boosted version of 70 kph, but armour, comparable to AMX 50B. Now THIS would’ve been extremely unique!

  4. Gun still looks fine for such a big alpha, of course it’s worse, but 0.38 base still does the job.
    DPM nerf means absolutely nothing.
    -10 top speed is far from enough.
    This thing is a Breakthrough HT, which means it can get +4 top speed from the Lv7 Field Mods, just like the IS-7, and it can get +6 more from the Bond Turbo, which means it still can go 75 km/h.
    75 top speed is still TOO FCKING FAST for what it’s capable of, even with the gun nerfed.
    This nerfed version of this abomination is still the 277 but with higher alpha, better gun depression, good UFP, and booster mechanics at the cost of a bit worse turret and gun stabilization.
    This nerf is already quite a big one, but it’s still not enough.

    1. Agreed, still too strong. Goes to show how fucking nonsensical the first version was. There’s gotta be one guy at WG that just fucking loves the rocket booster tanks lmao

      1. There has to be an entire party of WG employees, who love rockets. Because creating a completely fictional tanks for the sake of implementing one stupid idea to the game is just nuts!
        Oh, and also to have an event with rocket-boosted cars on Mars shows that the Rocket League fans at WG are quite a lot!

        1. Fictional tanks are not a problem IMHO, as long as they are at least somewhat believable. What’s troublesome is that there is no data about them and developers make stats up, and the result is crazy stuff like BZ-72-1 here.

          The rocket gimmick is also less insane than it seems to be (it’s also something that was at least tested IRL). Skilled players know where to use the rockets and which positions to rush, but that’s like saying a building worth of people knows how to do something out of a whole country.

  5. You noobs.
    This is how super test works.
    The first iteration has high values. The second will have reduced values and the third will have values between and is often the one to go to live.

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