WoT RU: Char Lourd AP58 Detailed Stats

Char Lourd AP58 (France, Tier-8, HT, premium)
Short name: Ch.Lourd AP58
Historical reference:
After the end of World War II, French tank building actively used German developments. However, the problems turned out to be similar, and above all this concerned the combat weight of medium tanks, which corresponded to the heavy class. In the course of lengthy work, a final attempt was made to make an analogue of the AMX 50B within the design weight. It was called Char Lourd AP 58. The concept of this tank was close to the AMX 50, but without a swinging turret and with the lowest possible hull. But the weight of the project vehicle very quickly reached 60 tons, and further work was stopped.

Average damage: 400/400/515
Average armor penetration (mm): 243/267/65
Rate of fire (rounds/min): 4,47
Loading of the gun (sec): 13,42
Turret Traverse Speed (deg/s): 36,5
Hull Traverse Speed (deg/s): 35,46
Gun elevation/depression (deg): -8/15
Aiming time (sec): 2,68
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,35
Average damage per minute: 1788
Strength (HP): 1500
Hull Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 105/70/70
Turret Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 210/100/70
Track Repair time (sec): 12,03
Weight / maximum weight of the machine(t): 60,3/63
Engine power (hp): 850
Specific power (hp/t): 14,1
Max. speed/reverse (km/h): 40/16
Stationary vehicle camo (%): 4,45/0,62
Camo in motion (%): 5,93/0,83
View Range (m): 390

Crew of 4 people: Commander (Radio Operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader.
Role in battle: Versatile Heavy tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

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  1. I know this is 99% not coming to EU/NA servers but still 243 mm of standard pen with 400 alpha at tier 8 HT is too much. Either the dispersion factors have to be dog shit or this tank will be god like!

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