How to Get Casino VIP Treatment on a Budget (P)

A trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City often conjures images of high rollers being pampered with lavish suites, endless free drinks, and elite experiences. But exclusive VIP treatment doesn’t have to break the bank with insider strategies.

We’ll look at the convenience of VegasSlots gaming on the go, then we’ll provide tips to unlock the red carpet experience on a regular player’s budget through rewards programs, promotions, and building relationships. With the right approach, anyone can elevate their casino trips without big spending.

Join Player Rewards Programs

Signing up for free video poker and slot club player rewards programs is the first step to casino perks. These provide comps and unlock VIP status the more you play. Earning entry-level tiers like Gold doesn’t require high wagering if you play frequently.

Once your status improves, you gain access to preferred rates, discounted amenities, and exclusive events. Double-check check you’ve properly signed up for the players club before gambling. Carry your rewards card everywhere in the casino to get credit.

Focus Play at One Casino

The fastest way to advance tiers in a player rewards program is concentrating play at properties within the same parent company rather than spreading wagers around multiple brands. Establishing loyalty speeds up comp accumulation.

For example, playing exclusively at MGM Resorts properties pushes your status higher across their network of casinos much quicker than diversifying play between MGM, Caesars, and independents. You become a recognized regular member.

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Learn the Comp System

Understand how the casino’s comp point system works and redemption rates for free play, dining, etc. Optimizing play towards slots and bets with the best point earnings stretches your gambling budget further. Target the highest bang for the buck.

For instance, 3-coin slot spins may return 1.5x more comp points than 2-coin spins for barely higher cost. And not all game types earn equally – find out which machines reward players most.

Play at Low Traffic Times

Visiting the casino during lower traffic days and hours makes you a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Weekday mornings and afternoons are ideal times with fewer players competing for staff attention.

Dealers and cocktail servers have more time to provide conversation and service, improving the experience. Night owls also benefit playing off-peak very late when things slow down. You essentially get VIP treatment by default.

Tip Cocktail Servers

Tipping cocktail servers a dollar or two each round results in faster service down the line. Servers quickly spot generous tippers and focus on delivering drinks faster. Carry small bills on you to tip easily.

Being a known good tipper also means servers will routinely bring you drinks without having to ask. They’ll learn your preferences and cater to your needs. Your generosity gets repaid through better service.

Make Friends with Staff

Chat up casino hosts, dealers, and pit bosses when gambling. Having staff know you by name breeds familiarity that often translates into superior service simply out of relationship building.

Cultivating these connections pays dividends over multiple trips. Dealers will give the advice to improve your odds. Casino hosts may offer to reserve machines. A pit boss may comp a meal after seeing you lose big. Turning faceless staff into friends brings perks.

Ask About Unadvertised Perks

Don’t be shy about inquiring with staff about any lesser-known VIP perks, offers, or amenities not widely promoted to the public. Employees have inside knowledge of under-the-radar ways to get pampered.

Maybe there are rarely-used VIP check-in areas. Potentially coupons for special occasions that give nice freebies. Or perhaps certain players’ clubs unlock hidden benefits. Ask around and you’ll discover pleasant surprises.

Dress the Part

Though you don’t need a designer outfit, dressing smart casual or business formal signals an air of sophistication to staff even if you’re budget-limited. Avoid sloppy clothing like tank tops, ripped jeans, or flip-flops.

Being well-dressed conveys you take gambling seriously and aren’t just there to party or kill time. Staff intuit this and afford greater courtesy and attention. Make a minimal effort to dress nicely and respectfully.

Gamble at High Limit Rooms

Occasionally gambling at exclusive high limit slots or tables identifies you as a VIP and money spender, even if your budget only allows small bets. Regularly frequenting these areas improves your perceived status.

High limit dealers are empowered to provide discretionary comps for credits, meals, etc. When they recognize you as a repeat customer, you may begin receiving freebies. Perception becomes reality at the velvet ropes.

Seek Out Coupons and Promos

Check casino websites, visitor guides, and flyers for 2-for-1 buffet passes, discounted show tickets, match play coupons, and other promotional giveaways allowing you to partake of VIP offerings on the cheap.

Time trips to coincide with special room, meal, and free play incentives. Print any printable coupons in advance since they often expire quickly. Sign up for casino newsletters and social media to find the best promos.


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