WoT: Battle Pass Season XII Progression Calculator

To keep track of your Battle Pass Season XII progression this time around, someone (BorisX) has made a web tool: https://borisx.github.io/ With this tool, you can calculate the current daily minimum “pace” for keeping up with your Battle Pass progression if you wish to do the minimum amount of work each day, while still completing all three (3) Battle Pass chapters for free. So long as you are at-or-ahead-of the listed stage for the day, you are on track to completing them all. To reiterate from previous seasons:

As always, the simplest way to earn points quickly in random battles is to complete daily missions, as those grant 10/15/20 points respectively (in addition to another 25 from the daily bonus mission, unlocked upon completing all three standard daily missions, and a bonus of 50 points from completing 45 daily missions).

Extra points will also be up for grabs from the third launch of Frontline 2023, set to take place in early October.

2 thoughts on “WoT: Battle Pass Season XII Progression Calculator

  1. It used to take around 95 days, and about 1.6 stages per day to get 150 stages.
    This season, it is only 77 days, and 1.9 stages per day to complete.

  2. Why again this is a thing ? It,s not like it calculates anything… Seems more like a “Timer” to me. And totally useless one at that.

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