WoT Supertest: FSV Scheme A

The FSV Scheme A is a Tier VII British medium wheeled tank. 

The vehicle has good maneuverability and view range and is armed with a quick-firing gun with decent dispersion and aiming time. It can occupy key positions quickly together with medium tanks and provide support for allies. At the same time, the FSV Scheme A has a rather large silhouette and weak armor, so be careful.

The vehicle is armed with a 75-mm gun. Its reload time is 4.7 s.

The penetration of its standard shell is 185 mm, while a special shell penetrates 220 mm of armor.

Its damage per shot is 150 HP.

Dispersion is 0.33, and the aiming time is 1.8 s.

The frontal armor is up to 18 mm thick.

The tank’s total durability is 1,000 HP.

Its top speed is 60 km/h, with a specific power of 24.4 hp/t.

Its view range is 370 m.

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