WoT Supertest: LTS-85

Tier VIII Soviet LTS-85 Light Tank

  • The vehicle is armed with a 100 mm gun causing 300 HP of damage per shot.
  • Its standard armor-piercing shell penetrates 181 mm of armor, while a special APCR shell penetrates 250 mm.
  • Dispersion at 100 m is 0.42 m.
  • Its top speed is 65 km/h, and it has a specific power of 29.2 hp/t
  • The vehicle has a total of 1,150 HP.
  • Its view range is 390 m.

The vehicle has good view range and speed characteristics, which allow it to move quickly across the battlefield and spot enemy vehicles. It should also be noted that this is a large tank. Bear this in mind when spotting passively. The LTS-85 will appeal to all fans of light tanks with good alpha damage, as well as to those who like unusual vehicles with interesting features.

11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: LTS-85

    1. Not Object 211 itself, but there’s a whole family of amphibious light tanks which Object 211 belongs to.

  1. With those numbers this should be Tier 9, a slight buff to the healthpool and it’s ready to go.

    1. WOW tier 9 he said =))))))
      You must be really good with LTs right?

      1. Right, I’m so silly. 300 alpha and 250 gold pen (which everyone will use) on a light tank at Tier 8 is absolutely fine, even underpowered. /s

        About the only thing I can agree with is that the reload speed is low, but I’ll take that over the 5k DPM nonsense some people demand.

        1. Alpha means shit if you can’t hit anything.
          Good luck with that poor accuracy + poor shell velocity. In a lucky day you might hit 70% of your shots and pen some of those.
          Oh, but first you need to outspot enemy LTs, with your mediocre camo & mediocre viewrange =)))))))
          Meanwhile, I’ll take my HWK 30 and do 3k+ every single game without having to fuck with that disgusting gun handling.

          1. I’ll take my HWK 30 and do 3k+ every single game

            So why are you here whining about this new premium? Angry that you cannot throw more money at WG?

            1. Who’s the one whining here? Someone literally said “tier 9”, didn’t he? =))))))
              Me? I just tell the truth that WG is making shitty ass contents, nothing more and nothing less.

  2. ~1650 base DPM, 0.42 base accuracy, aiming speed is okay at 2.3 base, speed is fine, camo will probably be mediocre due to its size. Even with 300 alpha, this gun doesn’t look good.
    As a LT, you will need CVS + Optics + Exhaust. This means your actual accuracy with this thing will be 0.38 (0.37 with Field Mod) which is horrendous.
    So, we have a LT that is okay-ish at scouting. The UFP looks like an auto-bounce angle against =<120mm gun but the turret is paper so definitely not LT-432 level of armor.
    The gun really wants to be a Bourrasque kind of gun for a LT with high alpha & exact 10s reload but its poor gun handling & poor shell velocity will make you scream more often than you might think.
    Replace this thing with the HWK 30, we have a faster LT with about the same level of camo and a superb gun.
    Who will trade pretty much everything for 60 more alpha?

  3. Are you banned from your forum?
    Because you seem to love writing walls of dross text that nobody cares about…

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