Modern World of Tanks – Project CW

Part of the Wargaming team has been working on the Modern World of Tanks for a long time.
Title of the game: “Project CW”. In mid-June 2023, the first tests took place. You can see similarities from other WG games that were canceled earlier (Project Excalibur).
The so-called World of Tanks 2.0 is an armoured warfare-themed multiplayer online game developed by Wargaming, featuring combat vehicles of the Cold War (1970s and beyond).
The game engine is unknown.
You can also see that the developers were inspired by Battlefield [this can be seen in many places].

Notable ones include:

  • The main game mode’s objective is to capture several key locations that take away points from the enemy team (as in Battlefield) with enabled respawning.
  • Modern tanks and maps. (T-62 mod. 1975,  Leopard 1A6 Jager,  M60 IFP)
  • Strong binding of the tank to a specific hero (character) – like on Consoles.
  • There is a game mode with bots.
  • Advanced tank customization.
  • Body kits / other elements can fly off the tank.
  • The abundance of consumables in the form of: smoke grenades, calling a helicopter / air strike / drone.
  • dynamic elements.

The game is first of all aimed at the markets of Europe and the USA. WG has serious plans for this game.
If WoT 2.0 will be fully released in the RUBY region, then definitely not be under the patronage of Lesta.

Release: NOT before the fall of 2024 on WGC, Steam.

Small video:


32 thoughts on “Modern World of Tanks – Project CW

    1. Wot is dead that’s why WG are putting all time and effort into this new modern tank game

    2. only way to solve WoT is with a complete reset, but generically this new game should not require as much staff as WoT vanilla does, maybe if this new game grows enough they can halt development on WoT and re-release it as WoT 2.0 after a full rebalance?
      but I would not put my hopes on that

  1. So Wt is better, after they decided to made a game, copycat of WT, but for brainless gold spammers, who are oke with rng and stupid development decisions. This game is what Wg would never do- go into the moderns tanks which was Wt thingy. Degradation of Wg is getting out of hand

    1. If they manage to include a bot mode like it says here and make the progression bearable, this will be better than WT. The only good thing about WT is the base vehicle mechanics and handling. The actual game modes and progression are absolute ass.

      1. «The only good thing about WT is the base vehicle mechanics and handling»
        I disagree, vehicle mechanics and handling is the weakest point of WT ground forces
        1) oily slopes: if a tank is rated to climb a 50º slope, why make it impossible in the game?
        2) vehicle collision models: it is 2023 and things still clip through each other, not a occasional clip-through but all the time
        3) vehicle mass: I am tired of seeing MAUSes cliff-dive and do a front-flip like they don’t weigh 100+ tons
        4) vehicle “wheelies”: IRL if you make a sudden 90º turn with a 20+ ton tank, the most common result would be throwing a track off, not lift the track on the “inside” of the turn almost like wanting to overturn the tank
        and many other smaller things

          1. it won’t, those are two completely different games
            I enjoy normal arcade games with HP but don’t always have the time to learn how to be efficient with certain tanks
            in War Thunder it is much easier to learn how to be efficient
            not having to worry about cammo and view range values of the different tiers makes War Thunder a lot easier to play, if you know where to be on the different maps you only need “trigger discipline”
            War Thunder should be more appealing for the type of player looking for a game they can stay away for weeks but after just 2 or 3 matches, when they finally get the time to play, pick up from where they left off and be efficient again
            each game will have its own audience, like how Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose seem to target the same “finite” audience, but are still able to gather their own following, at least when the publisher of Post Scriptum isn’t sabotaging the game

            1. I generally prefer to sit at the back in a good heavy tank and farm damage though

              1. like I wrote, “to each their own”
                first-time users of all 3 games may come from the same target audience but the “regulars”/active players should be from a slightly different audience, like how WoWs attracts a generally older playerbase

          2. Brah you are joking right? War Thunder isn’t a arcade. Plus, there is way less brain-dead teams and players>This game is kind of ass

        1. I meant more so in that vehicles in WT handle well, they feel good to control. The weapons feel weightier and the guns not having the aim circle bullshit is a huge improvement.

          The problem is that WT’s game modes and matches are awful. The vehicles are the only good things about that game.

          1. the problem with wt is that there actually is an aim circle but you don’t see it. If you’re a consistent paying veteran it’s a non issue…..your “circle” instantly closes. But if you’re not….you have to hold your aim on a target considerably longer to get the same spall chance.

    2. do you know how War Thunder was supposed to be called?
      World of Planes, definitely not a copy of WG…
      companies copy each other and it is not like WG only now thought of making a separate game for modern tanks, there were already rumors even before WT added ground forces
      they were questioned about modern tanks many times, often if they felt they would need to go into the modern era to still have content to add, but WoT still had much room to grow, why would they make a competitor for their own game?

      1. I actually played the game and it is definitely not a copy. I can assure you of that. it’s a mix of overwatch, cod, and battlefield into a tank game.

    3. Bruh the copycat here is Gaijin releasing ground forces while the game was air battle focused, Gaijin didn’t do it first lol

    4. if ur trash at wot ur gonna be trash at this game and WT as well, and the problem isnt gold the problem is ur a low winrate piece of trashlmao

  2. WG killed WOT with a broken game, never fixed any problems. Now the monkeys want to do this meme tanks, hard pass. There are better tank games to support.

  3. Unsure where this game is suppose to fit in, Sure Wot is also “arcady” but its more like CSGO arcady, this game looks more like the tank game version of team fortress 2 and im not sure theirs a big desire for that.

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