Abandoned WG Projects: “Excalibur” aka. The Modern World of Tanks

WG Seattle was the developer of this project around 2018 until it got completely scrapped. Instead of it “World of Tanks: Modern Armor / Cold War” was made for WoT Console; which is a huge downgrade in my opinion.


17 thoughts on “Abandoned WG Projects: “Excalibur” aka. The Modern World of Tanks

  1. they should release it as the update of all mother updates of world of tanks
    as always
    wargamin, disapoints, they would rather lose the money than implement this nice looking things

  2. I cant believe people continue to beg for this shit, it would be interesting for a day or 2 then it would be the same shit. So if they released this as an additional tier or a continuation of some sort it would fuck everything up. And if they release it as a seperate game they would just compete with themselves and split an allready decreasing playerbase.

    The people asking for this are just a bunch of retards.

      1. You say that as criticism to my opinion yet im saying what they allready know, its your dumb fucking ideas they ignore.

        Adding tier 11-12 now means tier 10 isnt the endgame anymore which people have allready invested 10+ years into. And it would be a alot work since they would have to add a bunch of tanks and rebalance everything at Tier 9 and 10, and for what? Historical accuracy? LMAO.

        And making a new modern tank game is simply competing with themselves and splitting the playerbase. Sure their might be a bunch of people that like it, but those people probably play wot for lack of a better option anyway, or they play war thunder so what the fuck does Wargaming gain from it?

    1. So would you rather play against ridiculously OP main battle tanks from 1970s in your WW II era tank at tier 8?

      Besides it’s laughable that you think it’ll ‘f**k things up’ like it hasn’t happened already.

      1. More absurd nonsense. There are already OP tanks, cold war tanks and 1970s tanks against ww2 crap tanks 🤷🏿‍♂️

    2. That’s why war thunder is better at this point, excluding the fact it doesn’t have arty as class. And yeah a modern tanks like t-64, t-72 and early merkavas is exactly what wot needs yet still bleeds.

  3. It’s amazing, no one would even consider putting an Bf109e against a mig 19 or mirage, yet some idiots think it’s cool to have Tiger II against a fucking is7 or obj 279e…

  4. You fucking retards that believe the historical era of the tank has any sort of effect on its balance in game are beyond fucking retarded. Basically no tanks in the game are historically accurate anyway, and even if they were you have stats in the game which dont exsist in real life, guess what this means..

    It means any tank regardless of how modern it is can be balanced to any tier, put an M1 Abrams at tier 1 and give it 1 alpha damage, 30 sec reload and 1 Hitpoint of health and it would absolutely suck ass even though its close to 100 years more recent than tier 1 tanks. “But but they wouldnt be able to pen its armor at tier 1” So change its armor then? They’ve allready done this to multiple tanks that existed in real so even the armor values are up for change.

    Yeah sure the shape might be accurate and the size of gun, but almost everything else is up for change. And even gun size dont even matter because WG sets the alpha differently for same caliber guns anyways and reloads arent accurate either.

    So to think how modern the tank is would be a factor for its strength in game is fucking laughable. If anything they favour tanks more recently released in the game because they want players to try and get it, but that doesnt really hold up for the BZ-75 or the M-V-Y does it?

    Like honestly, what the fuck is the problem with the STRV 103B and Maus being at the same tier? Anyone with a brain picks the Maus over the STRV anyways..

    Just accept that you are absolute fucking trash at the game and improve instead. Dumb fucks.

      1. I think the reason are brainless retards that cry over most trivial shit imaginable like Dreegor presented.

          1. Yes im the one thinking im an expert when im explaining why your stupid ideas are stupid and wont happen.

            Not the guys making suggestions that WG thought of 6 years ago but didnt go through with and thinking their suggestions are the solution to everything.

            And its 58%, how the fuck that matters is beyond me though.

            1. In think you’re in the wrong place if you want to discuss with WG lmao
              Boy you really are a fucking useless cúnt

              1. The fuck are you talking about dude? Who has said anything about discussing this with WG?

    1. The tiers need to be increased beyond tier ten. WG straight jacket themselves to staying within tier ten. More armored cars and other non tank AFVs need to be added too. This will help better balance the game and reduce WG made up tanks. Oh and you’re retarded too btw.

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