30 thoughts on “WoT EU Auction Day 2: IS-3A Peregrine

  1. For the 100k of exp – this is a steal(not joking).
    But I think that a more realistic bid (that would probably win) is around 300k..
    Tank itself is not some *hit and you can actually farm silver with it.

      1. Even though I was(in the past) – that is besides the point..
        You should account the real price of this tank, and if you honestly think that you can buy this tank below 50% of discount (in gold equivalent of converted xp) – you are really naïve..

        1. Seems like you still havent shaken off the delusional attitude of WG, so it’s not beside the point that much.

          A product is worth as much as the customers are willing to pay for it. WG can put a price tag of however much they want on a tank but if out of 20.000 people not a lot is willing to pay even half that much for it, then by all means I would not say it is “real price”. 🙂

          Thank you for your concerns and I will be enjoying my new reprise tank I have bought for 4444.4 gold worth of free xp (that I got free over the last period since a tech tree was released).

        2. I got it just now for 110k, and so many did for almost min bid on the EU server. But I have to admit, I’m surprised that so few ppl did bid on it. This was absolutely cheap in comparison for the normal deals.

    1. still…..300k free xp?????,,,,,with 20000 of them being sold,do you think that many people have over 100 k free xp laying around?

      1. It’s not so rare. If you aren’t grinding and buying new tanks or sinking the free-xp to crew training, it begins to build up surprisingly fast especially given that you get a fair amount of free-xp boosters for free from clan communal goals, twitch drop shops and different event rewards. Add to this farming free-xp from 5x-events and the like and you’ll build it up decently fast.

    1. Average tank nowaday, nothing too crazy.
      100k, if I get it, I get it.
      If I don’t, I don’t care.
      Besides the look, this thing offers more frustrating gameplay than enjoyment due to its gun handling & speed.
      I paid 300k for the AMBT but this one is simply not worth that much.

  2. I’m looking at this machine and my practical thought is to wonder if the crew skill assignments pair up well with the Obj.780. If so, I’m probably a little more interested. It’s a nice skin, but that only takes you so far.

  3. Lets see how much it goes for on Asia server. I believe their auction closes earlier. Asian server has a larger amount per capita for this one, and EU server always overpays on average compared to RU/NA/Asia, but it would still be an indication. 20K units is a decent amount, so I don’t really see this one going for a very high minimum bid.

  4. On Asia server, minimum bid (100K) won. So save your free XP on EU and don’t overbid. At least not some absurd amount like 300K.

  5. What a waste of moneys. Tank go no aim. I’m very angry purchase sue wargaming office address

  6. I got it for 120k free xp worth 4800 gold and i am happy, its a nice tank with noob proof armour and retarded mechanic that lets you save some shells and dispense them when the time comes. Just for clarification the IS 3A is worth 12k gold. I hit the deal. Wg ty for saving me like 20-25 bucks.

  7. You could have this tank for the minimum bid on the NA server. Probably about what it’s worth.

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