WoT ST: Changes to Mountain Pass Map

General form:

General view with experimental edits: 
The Mountain Pass map is coming to the Supertest in two versions: the main test version that includes a set of general changes, and an experimental version of the battlefield with a reworked clash zone in squares H1–K4 and F3–G3.

12.)In squares H1–K4, the clash zone was completely reworked. The elevated position in squares H3–H4 was moved to the left. In squares F3–G3, a part of the mountain was removed to provide sectors of fire from the elevated position in other directions. Both teams received new convenient positions and covers for mid-range shootouts. The approach time of the teams to the clash zone was balanced.

Some minor changes were made: Excess foliage was removed, along with small rocks along different passages, to improve the gameplay on the map.
The spawn points of vehicles for both teams were changed to balance the approach times at the start of the battle.

1.)The height of the hill in square H8 was decreased, allowing the lower-base team to take sniping positions faster. The firing position along lines 9 and 0 was closed.

2.)Intermediate covers were added at the intersections of squares F9–F0 and E9–E0, allowing vehicles to move to the lower base more safely. A “toxic” position on the bank in square E0 was removed.

3.)Elevated positions and covers were added for both teams in squares E9 and B6, allowing for mid- and long-range encounters.

4.)The clash area for heavy tanks in squares C7, D7, and D8 was reworked: The terrain was changed, new covers were added, and the play zone was expanded.

5.)In squares H6–H7, a part of the mountain was changed and cleared of its foliage to provide a narrow firing sector from the elevated sniping position in square H8 to enemy vehicles in squares J3–J4 (by analogy with the upper base).

6.)In squares G5–H6, the elevated potion and the areas around it were reworked to narrow the sector within which the lower team’s vehicles are exposed to enemy fire and to add new positions for mid-range shootouts.

7.)In squares D2–E3, the elevated potion and the areas around it were reworked to narrow the sector within which the upper team’s vehicles are exposed to enemy fire and to add new positions for mid-range shootouts.

8.)In squares E2–G1, the play zone was expanded, and an elevated position and some intermediate covers were added, allowing the lower team to launch attacks in the direction of the upper base.

9.)New covers were added in square F4.

10.)In square D4, a rock was added to keep vehicles at the sniping position in square C3 from shooting at vehicles moving along the bridge.

11.)In squares E6–F7, the zone next to the bridge from the lower team’s side was reworked: The play area was expanded and new convenient positions were added, allowing players to fire along the bridge during mid- and long-range encounters.

7 thoughts on “WoT ST: Changes to Mountain Pass Map

  1. no changes to north spawn?? south spawn is currently already better than north, and they want to make it even better now? it seems cleaner and smother, allowing the game to flow faster. Thanks. We need a bit of a speed up to the games.

    1. why does wargaming enjoy making one side different from other (not only map, but also tanks line ups). Currently one side has autoloaders and the other dont, one side have assault TD, the other paper TD, one side have hulldown monster in hulldown maps, the other side doesnt, one side has fast MT with good dpm, the other doesnt, one side has chieftan, the other has pseudo-hiding-in-the-corner-heavy, one side has arty that one-shot a tank, the other side have arty that cant hit a barn, one side has sniping MT, the other brawler MT. Fantastic how everything seems to add up. They make one side different from other on purpose, to allow the game to flow as fast as possible. This is how a pipe system works, the is something called “difference potential”, this is what allow pipes to flow efficiently and faster. And fast as possible for more revenue for wg. Congrats.

  2. Last year I seein pictures, that they make it, that from the brige can go down or up in both side. That change isn’t in this patch?

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