WoT EU/NA: List Of Rare Unreleased Vehicles (Possibilities for Auction 2023)

Jagdtiger (H), TL-7, Udarniy:
Last time sold on the ASIA servers in the Autumn Golden Armory Boxes.

UDES 03 Alt 3:
After being tested in 2019 it disappeared for years, around a month ago it got tested again. The state of it is very similar to the WZ-120G FT’s which got released a year ago after being in the game for many years.

Rare tanks that have ~some chance to be in the 2023 Auction (my personal opinion):

WT E 100: It was sold many times on the CN server before.
K-2: Tier VIII Premium Russian Heavy Tank
K-91 Version II: Tier IX Premium Russian Medium Tank
T54 Heavy Tank: Tier IX Premium American Heavy Tank
Object 752: Tier IX Premium Soviet Heavy Tank
Object 590: Tier IX Premium Soviet Medium Tank

SU-122-54: Once was a techtree tier9 Soviet TD.

T95/Chieftain and Chieftain Mk.6:
These were meant to be Campaign Rewards. On EU Server the T95/Chieftain was last seen in 2016.
M48A2/T54E2/T123E6: Basically a tier10 M54 Renegade with a 120mm Cannon. Last seen in 2015 Patch 0.9.10.

26 thoughts on “WoT EU/NA: List Of Rare Unreleased Vehicles (Possibilities for Auction 2023)

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  1. Forgot the Object 777 Dynamic which matches the silhouette of what’s under the tarp, and the 121B “Monkey King” you just released an article on. Those are just the 2 off the top of my head. There’s the American double barrel and so many more unreleased tier 8+

  2. The “Autumn Gold” event tanks I would agree are the most like candidates. Guess I’m going to find out how much I really want a TL-7!

  3. Guys, what are you smoking? T95/Chieftain is the same tank, what we already have as a CW reward, just named differently – T95/FV4201. There shouldn’t be two identical tanks with T95 hull and Chieftain turret. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I highly doubt that they will relase the Udarniy tank anytime soon after the BZ-176 rage, as Udarniy is much much more toxic tank to the gameplay with its Tier9.5 armor on a Tier8 tank.
    Other ones – totally possible.

    1. If you are thinking that T95/Chieftain is identical to the T95/FV4202 you should get your head together and do some research. Don’t speak without knowledge.

    2. Ehhh, it’s not the same tank. Different turret. T95/Chieftain has the Mk.6 turret. You can check the models in couple of seconds by going to tanks.gg

  4. Whoever compiled this list has no idea what a premium tank is and what a reward tank is! This is a child’s dream world!

    On tanks.gg you can find out what premium and reward tanks are. It would be nice if you would not deceive the readers on this website!

  5. There’s no way they’ll put the UDES 03 Alt 3 in this event.
    Its current state in 1.19.1 is not the one in Supertest and 1.20 CT2.
    The tank itself in 1.20 CT2 is super OP and it’ll very likely be a reward of a competitive mode this year.

  6. Considering the sheer amount of tier 8 to X tanks tested the past few months that has yet to see a release. I would not rule anyone of those out either.

  7. Well, in my opinion tanks that were in the Christmas boxes will appear and some older ones.
    So I expect something like Obj.283, BZ-176, CharMle75, you know, stuff like this..
    Oh, and of course the Type59 Gold!!

    1. i totally agree with you, and maybe a type59G or a previous T10 which became “premium” like fock155, death star, ….

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