WoT EU Auction Day 3: Cool Vibrations Style & WZ-120G FT

The WZ-120G FT is in an open auction – the average bid is shown on the screen. 20.000 tanks on EU, starting at 14,500 gold.

For the Nice Vibrations T95 Style there are 30.000 items starting at 5 million credits.

13 thoughts on “WoT EU Auction Day 3: Cool Vibrations Style & WZ-120G FT

      1. How is everything wrong?
        I find it funny, it costs 14,5k gold minimum, the WZ-120 is the industrial designation for the Type 59, it is a tank destroyer, and it is a fake tank invented by kongzhong, and the WT Ausf. PzIV is all-round better.
        Oh, and the Type 59G is an actual tank with a turret and a 125mm gun.

  1. After a bunch of comparing and looking at the armor there really isnt much good in this tank, literally all there is when compared to other tier 9 TDs is that it has ever so slightly more DPM, a decent amount of camo and it is kinda fast I guess… Big box w/ no armor

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