WoT ST: UDES 03 Alt 3

UDES 03 Alt 3 (Sweden, Tier-9, MT, promotional/reward, mechanics: hydropneumatic suspension, autoloader for 3 shells)

• Added drum for 3 rounds
• Added tank tag: “Tested”
• Removed tank tag: “Gun rammer (Class 2)”
• Dispersion from movement (max.): 0.16 (8.00) to 0.16 (10.40)
• Dispersion from hull rotation (max.): from 0.16 (7.34) to 0.16 (8.34)
• Gun loading: from 9.10 to 22.52 sec
NEW Intraclip reload time: 3.00 sec
NEW Number of shells in the magazine: 3
• Aiming time: from 1.82 to 1.92 sec
• Gun rate of fire: from 6.59 to 6.31
• Dispersion at 100 m: from 0.34 by 0.32
• Spread after shot: 4.00 to 3.00
• Average damage per minute of 1 (APCR) projectile: 2,373 to 2,272
• Average damage per minute of 2 (APCR) projectile: 2,373 to 2,272
• Average damage per minute of 3 (HE) projectile: 3,032 to 2,904
• Shell velocity of 1 (APCR) projectile: 1,385 to 1,230 m/s
• Shell velocity of 2 (APCR) projectile: 1,560 to 1,460 m/s
• Shell velocity of 3 (HE) projectile: from 640 to 950 m/s
• Max. forward speed: 50 to 65 km/h
• Hull traverse speed: 45.89 to 52.15°
• Engine power: 600 to 650 hp
• Specific power: 20.00 to 21.67 hp/t
• View range: 380 to 390 m

15 thoughts on “WoT ST: UDES 03 Alt 3

  1. well, as much as would appreciate less autoloaders in WoT, this feature give the UDES a distinctive feature, the swedish MTs do not have yet.

    if this is going to be a reward tank for battle pass, I would be interested.

  2. WTF? What kind of rework is that? If this thing goes live with this stats then I’m gonna have a 4.5k avg tier 9 tank :-???
    I don’t know what they’re smoking but there’s no way a tank with 42% camo can have that kind of mobility & firepower. Holy fcking shit.

      1. Look at its stats bro.
        It got everything you will ever ask for already.
        Put a Bond Vent + Bounty Exhaust, then whatever you prefer.
        This thing doesn’t even need a V.Stab, even though I will still use one because I like to be able to shoot as fast as possible.
        Or you can put an Optics/CVS to be a Light Tank in maps like Fisherman’s Bay, Redshire, Pilsen if there’s no LT, Prokhorovka as well if you’re confident enough.
        Yes, I actually mean this tank is simply a dream tank with this stats.

          1. Come on, don’t compare me to mr. Frampton =))))
            Jokes aside, QB is actually a good player. Even though he’s not technically good, he knows what he’s doing, he just doesn’t do it properly.
            And he’s getting better recently, you can check his recent performance, pretty good to be honest.

      2. Oh I forgot, Camo directive needed then you’ll have 41.96% camo when moving.
        If you don’t like to play in this kind of P2W way then just skip my comments =))))

        1. Bro what are you actually talking about. Sure it can work as a pseudo light but a light is just better at it. The firepower is good, so it’s better to just use it. The camo allows for first shot advantage, but other than that and potential light tank ability after the lights die, it doesnt matter. Honestly it looks pretty balanced

          1. You simply don’t know what 42% camo when moving can enable you to do.
            As someone who have played the Bourrasque 800+ battles with an avg of 3.6k total, I can guarantee you if this thing goes live with this stats, it will be among the tier 9 tanks with the highest EVV & MoE requirements.
            Anything with insane camo + good firepower can simply do things on its own.
            When I think about a tank with 42% camo with that kind of mobility & firepower, it’s like cheating already.

  3. World of auto loaders, auto reloaders, reloading autos, reverse loaders, clip loaders, irreversible loaders, upside down loaders, bot loaders…. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Enough already ffs

    1. Not actually, the Bourrasque is a sneaky spotter/assassin with its insane camo/burst/mobility.
      This thing is a sneaky spotter as well but its burst doesn’t even come close and its mobility is also much worse. What it has over the Bourrasque is the stability of the gun. The Bourrasque makes you feel very uncomfortable at long range but this thing does not.
      So less of an assassin, more of a proper supporter.

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