WoT CT 1.20: New Vehicles For Battle Pass Tokens

BZ-58-2 (China, Tier-9, HT, premium)
Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK (Germany, Tier-9, TD, promotional, mechanics: siege mode) 

Old vehicles:
• IX Cobra
• IX Lorraine 50 t
• IX AE Phase I
• IX Object 777 Version II

Prices and full composition in tokens are still unknown.

Prices and Vehicles of BP 2022:
• [NEW] Cobra – 24 Tokens
• [NEW] Lorraine 50 t – 18 tokens
• IX Kunze Panzer – 12 tokens
• IX
K-91-PT — 9 tokens
• IX Object 777 Version II — 9 tokens
• IX Char Futur 4 – 9 tokens
• IX AE Phase I – 9 tokens

6 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20: New Vehicles For Battle Pass Tokens

  1. I told all of you, WG is getting cheaper and cheaper as the months and years go by. Just look: Still got the old junk for the same prices and I can promise you that you will have to pay all the earnable tokens for these 2 new pieces of garbage.

  2. Yea they picked the worst 2 out of the 20 tier 9s they could of picked and made them BP tanks . But if the China heavy is a real tier 9 premium as stated that would be cool but i doubt it .

  3. I’m not surprised to see the German TD. I am surprised to see the Chinese heavy; particularly if it is a premium tank.

  4. So the Char Futur 4 won’t be available anymore? I was hoping to get it in this year’s BP. I guess not anymore 🙁

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