WoT ST: TS-60

TS-60 (USA, Tier IX, TD, premium/reward)

The TS-60 is a Tier IX American tank destroyer.

It can be said that the characteristic feature of this vehicle is its rear turret placement and turret traverse angle limited to 136 degrees.

The vehicle is well protected for its tier. The frontal hull and turret armor reach 120 mm and 300 mm, respectively. Its durability is 1,600 HP, the top forward speed is 35 km/h, and its specific power is 15.5 h.p./t.

It’s armed with a 120 mm gun. The damage per shot is 400 HP. Armor penetration with a standard shell is 258 mm, while penetration with a special shell is 320 mm. The reload time is 8 s. The gun has an accuracy of 0.42 m and an aiming time of 1.7 s.

The TS-60 is a well-armored vehicle with a handy gun. It can take on the role of a heavy tank and provide support to its allies.

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    1. I forget wheels are still a thing. There’s barely any of them in my playtime. Times have moved on

  1. I’m so done with turreted TD
    At least those money desperate belorussian didnt make another hulldown meta like the vipera or bz176 junk

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