WoT CT 1.20: Unique Crew Members For Battle Pass Season X

Sandro Mancini Battle Pass Season X

Eighteen years of infantry service did not change this soldier’s demeanor at all. He is still a fun and light-hearted hulk of a man who loves to place bets, believes in his luck, and always relies on chance. He got into the desert by flipping a coin-what else is there to say? His carelessness got him into mortal danger several times, but he always got away unscathed. His catchphrase is “Betcha I’ll come back alive.”

Emil Kittel Battle Pass Season X

A military translator who can quickly adapt to any specifics of any military branch. A polyglot who knows eight languages, including Swahili. After the passing of his comrade in arms, Leo Sommer, he keeps to himself, which is why he prefers to work alone and prefers not to make new friends. While working in the archives, he found a mention of an ancient scroll that was considered lost, and not a week later, he was a part of a special desert expedition.

Rebecca Holmberg Battle Pass Season X

Only three people have access to this spy’s personal file. According to some info, she is a daughter of a intel officer and an actress. She was recruited at a young age and is considered the best in covert operations. In addition to her remarkable wits, she also makes active use of her good looks. She was sent to the desert by the order of higher commanding officers, but she never wanted to go there.

When recruiting, you can choose:
• nation;
• type of equipment and machine;
• qualification.

These crew members have a zero-skill “Brothers in Arms” and two 100% skills to choose from.
There is no unique voice acting.

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