WoT CT 1.20: TITT Rozanov Detailed Stats

TITT Rozanov (USSR, Tier-8, Premium, MT)
The tank has no unique mechanics, but it has a very interesting appearance.
Historical reference:
A project of the self-taught engineer Rozanov. The fighting tank had thick, angled armor plates, its suspension was protected by folding screens, and the main feature was the addition of driven “battle rollers” in the front. They were supposed to protect suspension from mines and shells and, if needed, be raised up. Rozanov’s other ideas included armored protection for tank-borne infantry, as well as a shell delivery system involving a chain-driven autoloader. The project was rejected by GABTU, as “battle rollers” could not be used as a mine clearer in reality, and some other suggestions were not developed enough from an engineering standpoint.

Crew 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader
Role in battle: Versatile Medium tank
Special category Equipment: Mobility.

Survivability: 1200 HP
Engine power: 520 hp
Weight: 48.7 t
Max load: 51 t
Power per ton: 10.68 hp / t
Max speed / Reverse speed: 50/ 15 km / h
Hull traverse speed: 46.94  °/s
Gun traverse speed: 37.55 °/s
View range: 390 m
Signal range: 625 m
Hull armor: 115 / 65 / 40 mm
Turret armor: 205 / 100 / 40 mm

Cannon: 120mm_RHD

Damage: 280 / 280 / 280; AP / APCR / HEAT
Penetration: 220 / 235 / 45
Rate of Fire: 13.91
Average DPM: 3894
Reload Time: 4.31s
Dispersion at 100m: 0.36
Aiming Time: 1.92s
Depression/Elevation Limits: -6° / +20°

10 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20: TITT Rozanov Detailed Stats

  1. My theory is that this is for a 1st of April game mode where they will be testing further improvements to the physics engine (they already started updating it with the new track destruction physics).
    In this game mode they will be testing hull deformation (the TITT has lot of spaced armor) and adding physics to hull objects (those retractable road wheels, the radio antenna and other components like machine guns etc).

      1. Official forum is fucking joke. It literally about 10 players who all suck WG big dick.
        They shout down any criticism positive or negative with the same tired excuses then the usual cúnt moderators lock the thread. Just bitches that obey WG.
        There are never any answers and wg official community managers… Never comment.
        Admittedly they’ll close the forum soon because wg use other tools for Comms these days

  2. Now that I think about it the chain driven autoloader sounds like it could be a hint to a future version of this with the new overheat mechanic. But idk.

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