WoT ST: Ho-Ri 3 Detailed Stats

Ho-Ri 3 (Japan, Tier-10, TD, techtree)

The tank has no mechanics, just a big alpha. This is the first TOP of a new branch without any mechanics in a long time. Ho-Ri 3 will be the 63rd tech tree TOP in the game.

Average damage: 700 dmg
Average armor penetration: 305 mm
Rate of fire of the gun: 4.09
Loading of the gun: 14.67 sec
Gun rotation speed (deg/s): 29.2
Vertical aiming angles (deg): -7/15
Horizontal aiming angles (deg): 10/10
Aiming time: 2.4 sec
Spread at 100 m: 0.33
Average damage per minute: 2,863
Hit Points: 2,000 HP
Engine power: 1,000 h.p.
Specific power: 15.24 hp/t
Max. speed / reverse: 35/18 (km/h)
Chassis turning speed: 37.55 (deg/s)
View range: 400 m

No description yet.
Crew of 6 people: Commander; Gunner; Driver; Radio operator; Loader; Loader.
Role in battle: Support tank destroyer.
Special category Equipment: Firepower.

6 thoughts on “WoT ST: Ho-Ri 3 Detailed Stats

  1. Jagdpanther cammo lvls, not amazing not terrible, it would be a descent tank for TD players.
    Descent in every department AP instead of HEAT would make it great against Spaced armour

  2. 360 pen AP puts this thing nearly on par with the E3/E4 in terms of bullshit angles it’ll be able to pen, I like it, it’ll make people mald like crazy

  3. That gun is so oversized compared to the chassis that carries it, it’s funny. 😀

    Anyway, it looks like this will be a greatly exaggerated Jagdpanther II in terms of gameplay.

  4. You need caliber that has more than 3 times armor. 3×35=105. So 105 mm isn´t enough. You need at least 107 mm or 110 mm gun.

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