In Development (WoT)

List of possible future projects of the game:


  • Waffenträger auf. E100 has been reworked in HD quality, has 2 variations on the supertest (one nerfed, one as we last saw it), and now in a Game mode called The Last Waffenträger.
  • Chieftain Mk.6 tests are stopped. No more informations about it.
  • The Object 780 is currently on the supertest.
  • Object 279’s internal tests stopped.
  • The Cobra is currently on the supertest.
  • The Object 259A is currently on the supertest.
  • The TS-54 is currently on the supertest.
  • The FV4201 Chieftain Prototype is currently on the supertest.
  • The Gonsalo is currently on the supertest.
  • The Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1964 Vipera is currently on the supertest, as the first Italian tank destroyer.
  • Italian Tank destroyer line was unveiled (Tier V : Semovente M41, Tier VI : Semovente M43 Bassotto, Tier VII : Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1956, Tier VIII : Controcarro Mod. 67, Tier IX : Controcarro 1 Mk. 2, Tier X : Controcarro 3 Minotauro).
  • The TL-7-120 is currently on the supertest.
  • The K-91 Version II is currently on the supertest.
  • (outdated)The lorraine 50T is currently on the supertest.
  • (outdated)Premium shell rebalance is being tested on the sandbox server.
  • (outdated)Artillery shell rebalance is being tested on the sandbox server.


  • Fiery salient, Mittengard, Sacred valley, Stalingrad, Swamp, Windstorm, Winter himmelsdorf and Winterberg are currently out of the map rotation and will maybe be rendered in HD quality, but it’s not a priority.
  • Currently on Supertest : Lillehammer, Japort, and some other ones.
  • Minsk is currently on rework in supertest
  • Snow Resort is currently on the supertest.
  • Winkelburg is currently on the supertest.

Game Modes

  • “Historical Battles”, work has paused, low-priority.
  • Work in progress on bots. Is planned to introduce bots in some other modes, for example in “Historical Battles” in low tier mass battles.
  • (not sure about that) – Steel hunter has become a permanent game-mode with several rewards available.
  • (outdated)Art of Strategy mode is currently released on public servers.


  • Weather change and time change is available within the core engine, but it is not a priority to work further on it at the moment.
  • More trees and vegetation will be inplemented soon.
  • Introducing Granite SDK 4.0 technology, which will alow to add in game D textures (till 8k) and photorealistic lightening. Loading time and the occuped memory size by textures will be reduced.
  • Ray-tracing technology will be introduced soon in the encore engine. (Apparently you will not need ray-tracing graphics cards to make it work.)


  • Introduction of the tanks’ hull deformations.
  • Introduction of a new physic system for the objects on the tank / turret.
  • Introduction of more objects destructions using the Havok engine in the future updates.
  • Turret and gun collision models could be implemented in the future.

In-Game Mechanics

  • Multi-turret mechanic, not a priority to work further on it at the moment.
  • Improved autoreloader mechanics will be sent to the supertest along with the new italian heavy tanks.

User Interface

  • Clearer in-game user interface, with tips and tricks to configure it as you want.
  • More simple features for the newcomming players.


  • A system for Thanksgiving.
  • Roaming system, scrapped for now.


  • Remember, anything mentioned on this page is subject to change.
  • Also remember, every useless informations will be deleted from this page.


11 thoughts on “In Development (WoT)

  1. New mechanics along with the new italian heavy tanks.
    Italian TD tanks or HT tanks?

  2. I mean there are a lot of interesting things on the list, but i feels like they are missing key points like Tank balance and “(outdated)Premium shell rebalance is being tested on the sandbox server” lol wtf.
    At this stage the game wont survive for even 10% of the mentioned features cause these idiots take years to make simple adjustments …

  3. Isn’t this old stuff? The granite SDK 4.0 is from 2016 and the RAY Tracing stuff has been promised for 2019 and never delivered.

  4. Its just a lot of promises. I remember in 2013/2014 devs regurarly talked about switchable hulls (just like turrets). Never delivered and the idea died. Similarily I highly doubt we will ever see deformation and destruction upgrades. Its just too pricy and time consuming to be appealing for WG. Simply because game might not live till next 10 years. Lot of thing in this list is outdated or will never be delivered. And what a shame because I m one of those that love physics interactions, attention to details and immersive atmosphere. Just compare what Gaijin implemented in WarThunder in the same time period compared to WGs WoT. Uncomparable. WG is slacking hard, because they have core gameplay addictive enough to make them money. So why put more effort into details and new mechanics.

    1. Just to add. Watching wot devblogs was always the most exciting news. But it died few years ago. Hardly any news anymore except new tanks and events. Sad. But we all grow up, grow old and move on I guess.

        1. They won’t. Since WG has pulled out of Russia/Belarus, they know their game is going to disappear in the next few years.

          1. you are far mistaken, most income came from EU even tho it has way less players than RU, this game has still a lot to offer it needs changes, i bet you if they add simple things like Ray-tracing and graphical improvements a lot of new players will join like it happend with 1.0 its sad that balance isnt in their list but try to cry less about this game or move to another

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