Battle Pass & Top of The Tree News

The 3 main vehicles of the next Battle Pass season – season VIII, have been revealed:

-Object 430U
-E 100

On the other hand, the VIII season will not have any progressive 2D/3D styles. The rewards will include increased free XP and bonds instead. Below is a preliminary official list of rewards from RU (first 3 rows – standard pass, last row – improved pass):

On a final note, the Top of The Tree / On Track might be cancelled and become a part of the Battle Pass – this is still RU only for now – they haven’t had any Top of the Tree event for some time. It is not yet known what will happen on the other servers, so take it with a grain of salt.

14 thoughts on “Battle Pass & Top of The Tree News

  1. i do not understand why they give skins to the tanks that already have skins man
    give skins to the other tanks that do not have none like arty

    1. Could it be that those are recommendations for the campaign? They already sold them once in the Black Market and the amount of 3 pieces would also be “reasonable”.

      1. if it is that. Battle pass would be super good. I did not believe they will sell that out of the black market.
        Got the 260 in my case but no the 279

  2. how about less garage spots and more GOLD & Bonds.. something that we can really use. Maybe i would like 2d or 3d style for those 3 tanks since i have them all.. Give us a different option..

  3. Kinda disappointing there will be no 3D style for my STB-1…
    At least we get a couple of pirka menoko.

  4. getting the bounty equipment only with prem pass is really disappointing. and there you get three, while F2P-players get none this time, according to list.

    well, BP is a nice thing all in all (just play and progress), but the difference between paying players and the rest gets even wider.

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