Update 1.17: “Nice Vibrations” 3D Style for 🇺🇸 T95 – Pictures

(Hmm, this reminds me of this)

Style treated as non-historical, valued at 3,500 gold. You can change its decals.

Suitable for vehicles: T95.

– Ah! I love the colorful styles it wears. And the way the enemies fall in my crosshairs. I hear the sound of a gentle roar. On the wind that blows the turrets through the air.

Close my eyes. The Maus is closer now. Softly smile, I know it must be allied. When I look it in the eyes, it blasts me back to my own Garage.

I’m picking up big explosions. It’s giving me excitations. (Boom, bang bang!) I’m picking up big explosions. (Big explosions! Boom, bang bang!) It’s giving me excitations. (Big, big, big, big explosions!)

11 thoughts on “Update 1.17: “Nice Vibrations” 3D Style for 🇺🇸 T95 – Pictures

  1. Well im definitely skip this, but idea and concept are impressive. Summer is coming 🏖🏝

  2. There is a case of cola on it. Does that mean you get an infinite resuply of Cola on your T95 if you use this skin? 😀 (A: Obviously not)
    Must admit though, as hideous as it is, it is not badly made. Actually impressive.

  3. so, i want go surfin! and ….. taking the slowest bitch to be on the beach at …. .night?

  4. Personally, I prefer historical 3D styles. Although, I must admit this looks pretty cool! 😀 A retired T95 veteran relaxing on the beach like forever… :))

  5. Have to say I love my t95 more than any other tank while this is stupid I will buy it cause I live 3d styles.. wish they would sell the 2d 1918 poppy one from last fall cause I’d buy several

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