WoT: Apply to the EU Supertest Program

Following the announcement that the Supertest program has moved to the EU server, we are now looking for experienced tank commanders to join the closed test.

Potential Supertesters must submit an application form and will only be considered if they meet all of the requirements, which you can find in the following list:


  • 18+ years old
  • Able to speak and read English
  • Available to attend Supertests at least 3–4 times per week for the duration of the entire test session (for 2+ hours)
  • Have 100+ GB of free hard drive space for test clients
  • Played 5,000+ battles, of which at least 500 were in Tier X vehicles
  • Have close to a 50% overall win rate
  • Access to Discord (mandatory)
  • Access to TeamSpeak3 (mandatory)
  • Sign and comply with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • Participate regularly in tests of vehicles, maps, and other changes
  • Find and report bugs to the Quality Assurance team
  • Provide descriptions of your observations, impressions, and opinions via mandatory feedback forms

Only a very limited number of players will be able to join the program. Please consider your application carefully. Being an active Supertester requires time and dedication.

If you want to become an EU Supertester, please complete the following application form.


The Supertester recruitment phase is open-ended. Should you have any questions about the Supertest requirements or anything related to the Supertest, feel free to reach out via the forum and the dedicated Supertest Discord channel (in English only).

We’re looking forward to your submissions, and if you’re interested in our various other World of Tanks tests, check out our Test Guide.

6 thoughts on “WoT: Apply to the EU Supertest Program

  1. Bugtester… That’s all.

    If they wanted actual input, the forums is full of those. Starting with ancient chat system to inconsistent Ui and lacking informations…

    1. Sorry you need be able to speak English therefore you don’t qualify.

  2. 50% WR overall? Lol, so they don’t need any humans with a 57%+ WR and a working brain, but only fucking bots?

    Hell, that explains the balance pretty well….

    1. Wow 50%
      How anyone can get below 50% is ridiculous. But then 80% players are 48% or below lmao

      1. Dude, it is simple math: Every game is a loss for 50% of the people. Actually 52%, because draws count as a loss. So, 48% is simply the average winrate. AVERAGE. for every person with 56%, you need a person with 40% win, or multiples with 44%, etc. “Around 50%” is slightly above average.

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