WoT: Gonzalo Stat Changes

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Gonsalo is identical to the 🇬🇧Caliban, only with a different gun.

The tank was added urgently and it will also be tested urgently. It turns out that 🇬🇧Gonsalo is being prepared for release. The recently tested British Gonsalo tank was added to the client with minor changes in characteristics.

Changes regarding the first iteration of the supertest:


Moving Dispersion (Max):  0.30 0.25
Tank Traverse Dispersion (Max): 0.30 0.25
Aiming time (s): 4.10 3.50
Dispersion at 100m: 0.50 0.45
  • Added the ability to install equipment: Gun rammer (Class 1)
  • Added a detailed description of the tank:
    A British Tier VIII premium heavy tank with a classic layout, a cyclic gun and an unusual appearance. The main feature of the vehicle is a powerful special HE shell with increased armor penetration. On the battlefield, Gonsalo plays a support role and reveals his potential towards the middle of the battle, especially when flanking attacks.
  • Added historical reference of the tank:
    The project was developed at the Royal Military College in 1962. The tank was supposed to have excellent driving performance, decent frontal protection and a powerful gun with a magazine loading system. Initially, it was planned to install a 160-mm gun with HE shells, as well as shells with nuclear warheads. The technical difficulties in the production of the latter led to the fact that, under the name Gonsalo, the option of arming the vehicle with a 120-mm gun with armor-piercing and HE shells was considered. The machine turned out to be too complex and expensive to implement, and numerous innovative solutions did not guarantee an advantage over the tanks available in production and development. The project was curtailed at the stage of the concept and general drawings. Not a single copy was built.
  • Added a short description of the tank:
    Decent armor penetration, good mobility

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  1. added urgently tested urgently prepared for release

    I’m not sure I understand. The Gonsalo (what a name lol) is just a Caliban that loses alpha damage for better gun handling, why make it when they could simply sell the Caliban again?

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