4 thoughts on “WoT Console – NEW! Tech Tree: German Leopard Tanks

    1. This is for console which has a cold war tech tree which is seperate tech tree from the regular one, which uses more modern tanks aka more modern leopard tanks

  1. As far as WOT PC goes I would love a tier 8 premium Leopard with classic Leopard characteristics like high alpha, dpm, accuracy and top speed with low armor and moderate power to weight. A German version of the Standard B could be an interesting possibility or even a tier 9 premium edition of the tech tree Leopard PTA in it’s top configuration. I have the Fryingpanzer but don’t play it because it’s ugly and the low alpha playstyle is different from classic Leopard play anyway. I also have the Kunzepanzer and I do like it but the improved economics of a true t9 premium would be nice.

    Apart from the Leopard line I would like to see the Panther 8.8 get the tier 8 Panther hull or at least buff the maneuverability. Alternatively tier 8/9 premiums based on the E50 line would be cool. The more I think about it the more disappointing the KPZ 07 RH really is compared to the better looking tanks we could have gotten. 🙂

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