Coming to Supertest: 4 Map Changes! (Berlin, Pearl River, Lakeville, Karelia)


During the Supertest, we plan to test the modified maps for Random Battles.

The changes are aimed at balance improvement.

Screenshots are displayed in the BEFORE—AFTER format.

The cover has been reworked to make it more convenient. A space has been created to support the central courtyard and to hold off an attack across the bridge, similar to the opposite side.

Debris has been added to the corner of the building. This improves defence capabilities and reduces the area open to fire from the opposite side. The area between buildings has been expanded for more comfortable vehicle movement.
This passage has been reworked.

The firing line has been made more obvious and convenient, and debris has been added to the corner to deter the attack by strengthening the ability to use terrain irregularities.

The area has been expanded for the comfortable movement of vehicles.

Pearl River
Added a small rock cover to control the central position using the terrain.

Balanced the approach to the hill from the bottom base (for both medium and light tanks). The central straight line has been widened for more comfortable manoeuvring and driving up the mountain.

A ramp was added to balance the timings of driving up the hill.

The terrain has been slightly raised for a more comfortable drive to the mountain (improves the timing of driving to the central part).

Improved the position for light tanks near the building. It has been moved slightly to create an opportunity to spot the enemy in the city. A bush was added to aid with spotting the centre of the map.

At the crossing, the option to drive along the mountain has been added for the lower base team.

Decreased the distance between rocks.

The shape of the rocks has been changed. Added a gameplay bush.

Increased the distance between stones.

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9 thoughts on “Coming to Supertest: 4 Map Changes! (Berlin, Pearl River, Lakeville, Karelia)

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  2. Would appreciate to cancel encounter on Mines… Its an excellent proof, that some WG employees have no clue about their game…

  3. Berlin is just ruined. Super boring map now. Unless they change the open again is just a bad map for lights and tds now.

    Just give people more maps to block and thats a better option for every one.
    5 or 6 maps to block will make it with no problem.
    Empire border, tundra, pearl river, el halluf, berlin and airfield are terrible maps

  4. More changes and maps that never actually get into the game.
    What a surprise.
    WG = total trash Russia cnut company

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