Supertest: Gonsalo (aka. Caliban copy)

Gonsalo is another tier 8 prem.

Gonsalo ( 🇬🇧Great Britain, T-8, prem) went to the WOT supertest this afternoon.

In appearance, this is a 1 in 1 🇬🇧Caliban. It looks like a joke from the developers. Now a new premium is an exact copy of an existing tank!
In terms of performance characteristics, this is the same 🇬🇧Caliban, only with a different gun. This is its main feature.
What it is for is unknown.

No description yet.

Crew 3 people: Commander (Gunner); Loader(Radio Operator); Driver
Role in combat: Heavy support tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

6 thoughts on “Supertest: Gonsalo (aka. Caliban copy)

  1. Just an assumption: What if they test out different guns that will be added to the same Caliban, so players can choose which gun they want? I guess the same applies to 259A???

      1. Could also be for some kind of event, like a new version of the Halloween event.

        Not that I really believe they’d actually bother to take the time and effort to make an event when it’s easier and cheaper for them to just push out the same event with minor changes each year. :/

  2. Frontline version? But then it would not have a new name, completely different. Must be some cockamamie new event with shit rewards like Art of Strategy and too many rules like SteelHunter.

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