Supertest: “Shock” – Clone of the Obj. 259A

For some reason WG copies an existing premium tank and renames it.
Apart from the Gun nothing differs.

According to the model, this is a complete copy of the premium Object 259a.
For what there will be given “Shock” – it is not known. Comparison and appearance in front of you.

There were examples in the past on Supertest when the same tank was tested with different guns in the name of Object 703–II (100) & Object 703 Version II

In June 1945, the design bureau of plant No. 100 began work on designing the second tank with the IS-7 index. Compared with the preliminary version (Object 257), the requirements for armor protection and mobility increased. In September of the same year, four draft designs were worked out. Under the designation “Shock” was hiding a project with more powerful armor, KCh-30 engine and electromechanical transmission.

Crew of 5 people:
Commander (Radio Operator);

Role in combat: Heavy breakthrough tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

7 thoughts on “Supertest: “Shock” – Clone of the Obj. 259A

  1. Wow just wow .
    Blatant copy and paste. 50 Euro for what is a just a skin
    But wankers will buy it.

  2. Gun is not the only thing that’s different, ‘Shock’ has 150 more HP, 40 more frontal hull armor, 40mm more frontal turret armor, 5 more tons of weight, and 15kmh less forward top speed.

    At these values, ‘Shock’ will be blatantly superior to WZ-114 in armor, a whole tier lower. Even with the 259A values, it’s not far off. WG, no matter how much armor you give it, it cannot duel with tier 9 and 10 heavies. The problem is not this vehicle. Give it reasonable armor, and then deal with the real problems.

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