Battle Pass Season 7 FAQ


The new season of Battle Pass has just begun , and to help you better navigate this in-game event, we’ve prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Where did the Bounty Equipment from the base rewards line go?

Nowhere. It is there indirectly – in the form of Battle Pass tokens. The base reward lineup now has three more tokens than in the 2021 seasons. For them, you can purchase trophy equipment of your choice (one unit per season).

In the 2022 season, Bounty Equipment is easier to obtain , since now it is enough to reach stage 40 to earn the necessary three tokens. In 2021, this would require going through as many as 90 stages – more than twice as much time and battles.

Do I have to spend three additional tokens on Bounty Equipment?

No. You can save tokens to buy vehicles or spend them on personal reserves or bonds.

If I don’t spend these 3 tokens in Season VII, will I have six tokens in Season VIII to buy two pieces of Bounty Equipment?

No, this will not happen next season. If in Season VII you did not buy Bounty Equipment for 3 tokens, then in Season VIII you will be able to purchase only one piece of such equipment.

Why does the Cobra tank have the designation “In development” on the portal? Can performance characteristics change?

The Cobra tank is at the stage of final testing. Now you can understand what the tank will be like, as well as its characteristics and features. We will announce the final characteristics separately, some time after the release.

What’s with the extra chapter? When will the details come?

We will publish all the details shortly before the start of the event. Including progression duration and time limits.

Here’s what’s known right now. Season VII of the Battle Pass will feature an additional limited-time chapter. The main reward for completing it is a Tier VIII premium tank. Which one, we will not say yet, let it be a surprise.

The condition for passing the additional chapter is the same as for the main chapters – the accumulation of Battle Pass points. Points are earned in the same way: based on the results of the battle and for completing daily combat missions.

Points earned before the appearance of an additional temporary chapter cannot be invested in its progress after activation.

A little hint. Pay attention to the mechanics of getting points on the key vehicles of the season – it includes both increased earnings and increased limits. Use it wisely.

Will the limits for vehicles that go through an additional chapter be reset?

No, they will not. Keep this in mind when going through the chapters of the Battle Pass.


What is different from previous seasons? Tell us about the selection and activation of chapters.

In general, the mechanics remain the same — earn Battle Pass points, receive rewards, and accumulate tokens to buy vehicles of interest. However, there are a few major changes.

  • Chapters have become more independent – the progression of Season VII consists of 3 chapters (50 levels each). Previously, there were the same number of chapters in which you could choose the order in which you get a 3D style, but the rewards were distributed throughout the entire progression.
  • In the new season, rewards are distributed across chapters, and not across the entire progression. An example of this is 2D styles, which are now tied to a specific chapter, and not to a progression level.
  • To start the passage of the progression, you must activate one of the chapters. To do this, go to the Battle Pass menu, select the chapter you are interested in and click the “Activate Chapter” button. You will begin to progress through the progression of the chapter, receiving rewards. After passing the selected chapter, select the next one from the available ones and activate it. And so every time.

What happens if I forgot to activate a chapter? Wasted time and will have to make up for lost time?

Don’t worry if you didn’t choose a chapter at the start of Season VII. All earned Battle Pass points (based on the results of battles or for completing daily tasks) will be accumulated. Their number can be seen in the Battle Pass menu. The main thing is not to forget to use them until the end of the season.

Anytime you decide to activate one of the Battle Pass chapters, the points you’ve previously earned will be invested in its progress. If there are more points than needed to complete one chapter, they will remain on the account and will be invested in the progress of the next selected chapter.

Activating a chapter some time after the start of Season VII is not a big deal. But we still recommend not to delay the choice, because at the end of the season, unused points will be written off without any compensation. And one more thing – earned points can only be invested in the progress of the main chapters. For an additional chapter, this option is not available.

How can I use my Battle Pass points in Season VII?

Battle Pass points begin accumulating immediately after the start of Season VII. They can be obtained at the end of the battle and for completing daily combat missions.

When you activate any chapter of the Battle Pass, points are used to complete its progress. If no chapter is selected, points are accumulated. After activating the chapter, they will be nested in it automatically.

It is important not to forget to use unallocated Battle Pass points before the end of the season, otherwise they will be deducted.

Earning points will continue even after completing the main chapters. If you have purchased the Advanced Pass for all chapters (150 stages), you will have 7,500 points that you can spend in a special section of the in-game store.

There you will find unique crew members from Seasons IV-VI, as well as progression styles from all previous seasons. Only those styles and crew members that are not yet on your account will be available for purchase. You can also purchase bonds.

What items are available in the Battle Pass Store? How do you earn Battle Pass points for this store?

Goods for Battle Pass Points become available after completing the three main chapters of Season VII. All Battle Pass Points earned during the season can be exchanged for bond packs or rewards from previous seasons that you missed.

3D and progressive styles from all previous seasons will be available for exchange, as well as crew members from season IV-VI. Only those styles and crew members that are not on your account will be available for purchase.

Points are accumulated within one season. After its completion, unused points will be deducted.

Tell us about the Combat Missions included in the Battle Pass: Reinforcements pack

This is a chain of five combat missions that are performed sequentially. If you complete all the tasks of the Battle Pass: Reinforcements set , you can get the fourth character of the season – Alexei Sokolovsky, as well as 1000 Battle Pass points, 500 bonds, three Training Brochures for each nation, a Universal Manual, a Personal Training Manual.

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