WoT Supertest: Airshipyard, Far East and Canyon Maps

The 3 selected maps from Recon Mission mode are heading back to the Supertest with some changes.

Airshipyard Map

After the first Recon Mission stage, we analyzed the feedback from players, based on which we redesigned the Airshipyard map.

Game mode: Standard Battle

Map size: 1000×1000 m

Two zones have been changed: medium tanks direction (1) and the central part of the map intended for light tanks (2).


A. Increase the interest in the medium area by creating an active connection with the center of the map, adding new positions and covers.

B. Improve the position of light tanks on the map by reworking the terrain and adding more vegetation.

C. Increase the number of positions for tank destroyers.

1. A tunnel has been added to that area as a comfortable fighting point. The railway has been shifted to the edge of the map. A lot of terrain irregularities as cover, as well as a large amount of vegetation have been added.
  1. The center of the map connects the medium and heavy tank directions. Terrain, cover, and bushes make this area convenient for light tanks.

Far East Map

The improved version of the Far East map is coming to the Supertest.

Based on players’ feedback from Recon Mission, it was determined that it was hard to cross the runway, both when attacking and retreating. Also, according to the feedback, the center of the map was barely used, which has now been improved. Additionally, there were problems capturing the base when attacking from the mountain, and the lower-left corner of the map was unevenly occupied—the right team usually got there first.

1. Small indestructible covers have been added to the base circles from the town side.  Previously, the house in the circle was destructible and did not provide cover.
2. To balance the approach time and balance between the teams, the terrain and cover positions in the lower-left corner of the map have been slightly changed
3. Significant changes to the center of the map. Based on players’ feedback, additional routes and covers have been added to introduce more variety and use the center more actively.
4. Based on players’ feedback, small covers have been added on the runway near the bases on the hillside for more comfortable movement from one side of the runway to the other.

Canyon Map

Game mode: Standard Battle
Map size: 1,000×1,000 meters

After analyzing the main negative aspects of the map, it was necessary to focus on light tanks, tank destroyers, and SPGs gameplay on this map. Comfort playing these vehicle types should be improved.
For light tanks, the main positions are now more protected when driving and playing actively. Tank destroyers have also received improvements to their positions: If played right, you are less likely to get spotted less and be able help your team even more.
For SPGs, we tried to provide a bit more comfort in terms of the number of positions on the map—in the previous version, they had only one main position. Now they are able to change positions.

.1. Tank destroyer positions have been moved apart slightly, and bushes have been reworked to better conceal tall tank destroyers.
2. The hillside is now not so sharp, which allows you to climb the hill faster. There are now passages along the mountain near the bridges, so you don’t have to descend. There are now two windows with firing positions on the mountain towards the bottom base. Also, the amount of vegetation under the mountain along the river has been increased and intermediate covers have been added.
3. The area with dunes has been reworked too and is much larger and contains both covers and bushes for more effective play on that direction. Now it is possible to drive up to the dunes and drive away from them more safely.
4. Medium tank positions near the edge of the map have been slightly reworked. Now both teams can use them to control the direction.
5. The ability for SPGs to change positions on the map has been slightly improved. Bushes have been added for them.

Let us know what you think of those changes!

Take part in our Community Survey for all 3 maps for additional feedback > https://forms.office.com/r/qCtkBvY0S4

Available till March 7, 2022 00:00 AM

4 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Airshipyard, Far East and Canyon Maps

  1. Even 1k X 1k are too small for upper tiers, the view and render ranges allow you to cover almost 1/2 a map. WG needs to start making maps at least 2x these sizes.

  2. Well the winter map is now just another forced static faceoff… no positions for forward pushing in the new area because you are completely open to the sides. Meanwhile the airshipyard remains generic.hulldown.brawlingarea number 47 but with a bridge. Basically took everything I liked about the map and ruined it. How very disappointing. Also what the fuck is a light tank supposed to do there now? On the other maps the changes are smaller and I dont mind them too much but the wintermap open flank change just boggles the mind.

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