Small comparison between BP Season 7 – Season 6 rewards

In Season 6, you could get 1 piece of Bounty Equipment of your choice from Basic BP rewards (for level 90), now this is impossible!
BUT now you can redeem 1 Bounty Equipment for 3 tokens.

After completing the BASIC Battle Pass in Season 7 compared to Season 6, you get:
– 1,350 more bonds ✅
– 3 more Battle Pass tokens ✅(for Bounty equipment)
– 675,000 less credits 📉

With IMPROVED Pass in Season 7 compared to Season 6 you get:
– 6 more Credit Reserves (+50% for 1 hour) ✅
– 1,125,000 less credits 📉
– 6 less Garage Slots 📉

6 thoughts on “Small comparison between BP Season 7 – Season 6 rewards

  1. and with $10 missions you get a bunch of books, some bonds and 4th crew. I must personally say that i like this season.

    1. Thats nothing…they nerfed Battlepass just put more behind the paywell ….their direction is milking more people ever since they kept watering down free content

      1. Ah yes. They nerfed the free battlepass by swapping out credits for more rare bond currency, and providing players with a choice to redeem bounty equipment or utilize the 3 tokens to fast track their vehicle purchase/ get more bonds.

        Shame on WG for nerfing free BP. How dare they.

  2. Very interesting comparison
    Hm the credits bother me a bit but the bonus reserves should make up for it
    nobody cares about garage slots 😛

    Good you get more bonds though

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