New Purchasable Battle Pass Bundle

Price: 10$

A new way of progressing in Battle Pass became available for this season.
This is inside a purchasable Special bundle which contains an extra set of missions.
These missions will award the following:
• 1,000 Additional Battle Pass Points
500 bonds
3 Training Booklets for each nation (20,000XP to each crew member)
1 Universal Manual (250,000XP to each crew member)
1 Personal Training Manual  (850,000 XP to the selected crew member)
“Alexei Sokolovskiy” as a reward crew member

16 thoughts on “New Purchasable Battle Pass Bundle

  1. If we buy a chapter with gold (2500) this offer will dissapear or will be still available until the end of the battle pass?

    1. It’s still gonna be available in the in-game store and web store as well. (only Purchasable once / account)
      I bought it after the 3 chapters so I can confirm it was here until I bought it.

      1. Ok thanks. Great.
        Does anyone know if this is related to chapter IV? I know that WG said they will give more informations about Chapter IV at the end of current battle pass.

    1. Really? Are you seriously asking this question? Have you even checked the pictures from the post? :Facepalm:

  2. The pictures didn’t load at the time I posted the question. A smarter person might have deduced that.

    1. A smarter person would not have asked that and waited for the pictures to load (lame excuse).

      But oh well…..laziness is life.

        1. Coco is right! So many WoT players out there don’t have a clue because they just don’t put in the time to read the news.

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