Outpost Map goes back to the Supertest

A number of changes to the Outpost map from the Recon Mission mode are planned on the Supertest servers.

Outpost Map Video


This area on the medium tank direction was almost never used by players.
Due to the difficulty of having pressure in this direction, it was decided to create additional positions that would allow developing the attack of medium tanks that won the direction.

 Added cover from fire from the medium tank direction for light tanks.

The pile of stones has been removed to simplify vehicle movement (as well as on the other side).

A rock that blocked line of fire has been lowered.

Some of the barricades that prevented players from moving to the center of the map have been removed.

 The slope has been extended and emphasized by the improved 3D geometry. A rock has also been added to aid with retreat.

The shape of the structure has been changed to minimize fire from the fortress.

The terrain level has been lowered to create a connection between the fortress and the heavy tank direction (as well as on the other side).

The terrain has been smoothed out. Now, with a certain amount of skill, light tanks can get to the fortress through the center. This passage allows you to gain an advantage in battle, but it is very dangerous.
The position of the fortress walls has been reworked to offer equal opportunities for both sides.

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Form will be closed on February 26, 2022 12:00 AM.

8 thoughts on “Outpost Map goes back to the Supertest

  1. The game is a total joke now and the players are the biggest joke.
    I only play to troll.
    Not even bother to care now and not spend any euro on this

      1. So what’s your problem?
        You can’t tell me what to do.
        Your attitude is just typical of Wot player. No wonder nobody wants to come and play this game. You toxic cnut

        1. Don’t recall telling you what to do. Clearly you have the intellectual capacity of a troll though. I’m glad bots like you don’t play the game and spend your hours trolling the internet with your lack of intellegence or skills.

          Isn’t it your bed time?

  2. I like the map.
    And the overall reception during Play was also quite alright. Refining a few edges it will be a fine map. I just hope the middle gets more accessible

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