Update 1.16: Battle Pass Season 7 Info

This is the introductory content of Season 7 of the Battle Pass. The main new feature is being able to switch between the challenges, even if one was previously started. You won’t lose progress. Previous chapters will now be available to complete in future seasons, too (for Gold).

Commemorative medal “Kings of the Concrete Jungle”


Benjamin Willard
– I simply don’t care \ ”- this is exactly how you feel when talking to this light-minded and a bit egocentric (albeit undoubtedly talented) serviceman. Irony and sarcasm are his main companions, and everybody in his unit at this point knows that he is only in the army because he lost a bet to his friends back home. However, he always sees boundaries that should not be crossed, and he always acts composed and professional when needed.

Marie Fredriksson
– Thanks to a rich library in her parents’ home, one can say that, since early childhood, she traveled to all sorts of worlds created by literary classics — from Homer to Robert Howard. In the evenings, if there is opportunity, she likes to go over the events of the day in her head, trying to construct elegant and eloquent sentences. She believes it helps keep the mind sharp during service.

Siefried Hammel
– Graduate of the Military Armored Forces Academy who unexpectedly discovered in himself an artistic talent that he is successfully developing in rare moments of respite from the service. In his satchel is a whole bunch of pencils, friendly caricatures of his comrades, landscapes, and still moments of frontline life.

Additional crew member:

Aleksey Sokolovskiy
– An experienced serviceman and former cavalry. A true professional you can set your watch by — German punctuality and discipline can be seen in his every action. He knows his strengths well, does not look for trouble or take risks, and protests any deviation from the plan. Well educated, he can hold his own in almost any conversation. Afraid of spiders.

Progressive 3D styles:

3D “Reiter” style for the 🇩🇪 Leopard 1

– Finally! For two weeks, they kept us locked in the barracks. Now here comes some clarity of action! The unit has nothing to do. We are simply sitting here watching the silent war between radio operators and decoders. I believe radio transmissions with our orders were constantly intercepted, then headquarters transmitted false information, but it was missed and our guys thought it was genuine. Then we received cancellation. Or was it intercepted as well? Ugh, such a fuss… I would rather watch paint dry. Anyway, we are already on the move, and something tells me that sending heavy tanks to an urban environment is… not exactly what we expected? I hope nobody realizes I’m not sure which headquarters sent this order. I am quite used to fighting on city streets. But there’s a catch: Last time, I was a cavalryman.

Richard eins neun sieben neun-end transmission.

Freight Train 3D style for the 🇺🇸 T110E4

  • Sure thing. Let me go first. Let me check how many anti-tank grenade launchers they have. Let me check if there are MORE mines under crumbled bricks and rubble. I don’t need any reconnaissance. I don’t need infantry support. I am a self-supported combat unit. ’We need your coordinates,’ they tell me. They say they lost my visual. I have no idea where I am anymore. Ruins, smoke, concrete dust, more ruins — are those coordinates good enough for you? You gave me a searchlight that broke down after the first contact. Who would’ve thought that could happen?! Next time, you can have me transport stained glass windows and mirrors through this mess of destroyed buildings. If there even will be a next time.

The voltmeter is going haywire again. Getting stuck here with burned-out wiring will be just perfect…



3D “Trettonde” style for the 🇸🇪 Kranvagn

Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers.
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them
In the halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may live forever.

Other Graphics:

18 thoughts on “Update 1.16: Battle Pass Season 7 Info

  1. So, no new bounty equipment? That will be a huge disappointment for me…. I was hoping to get a bounty turbo charger, since WG still refuse to update the bond shop.

          1. Really!? Dude, i don’t want to play ranked, i just want a goddamn bond turbo compressor, i have bonds! 😐

            1. i hear ya, i hate ranked and i have 59k in bonds.. Rank scoring system sucks.. anytime you get 3 kils on a winning team and u don’t make any points because your not in top 7 is really sucky! All players on winning team should get points.

              1. Yea…. I don’t get it why don’t just give the ranked players a bond equipment of their choice , just like they did on the well deserved reward, and give us the opportunity to buy it, pure and simple….

    1. you cant get bounty turbo charger because its too small gap between standard and bonds if you put standard turbo on mobility bonus.
      You can try that on some tanks.
      I dont think wargaming will ever release bounty turbo just because of that small difference.

  2. The bios, names, and lore are a complete mess. Whoever wrote this, either did it in a hurry, or hastily gathered a bunch of material of different origins and undefined purpose.
    I will enjoy the Battle Pass anyway, and so will everyone, no big issue.

  3. It will come soon.
    People still have boatloads of gold from Loot Boxes, and WG wants said gold spent.

  4. ” Previous chapters will now be available to complete in future seasons, too (for Gold).”

    Does this mean it will be possible to unlock previous 3d styles?

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