23 thoughts on “Under The Hammer: WZ-111 Qilin Auction

  1. For the low price of at least €60.
    I already got the techtree one, so dunno if I want to bother.

  2. IIRC this was available for credits during last year’s Black Market, I suppose that whoever wanted it got theirs back then.

    1. those “retarded shitheads” are also responsible for the fact, that geniuses like you have possibility to play the game for free.

  3. I like mine, actually. It’s completely fancy, and the kids love the flames. And the WZ-111 is quite good! I consider it like a luxury car. Load it with HEAT for breathing real dragon flames (just don’t look at the expanse, you already forgot about it anyway). Definitely for hard workers who are also endgame collectors.

  4. 60€ for a Heavies that CANT sidescrape
    its decent at hills it seems but thats about it
    220 mm armor if you go diagonal… lol noice. paper.

    Its kinda worse than 113 which “Just” sucks at hills a lot (but at least is agile

    Not paying a penny for such a generic thing that will do more harm to myself than the enemy

    1. Ah yes, the tank which is a WZ-111 5A but with a skin. Totally not a tank that performs similarly to a lot of meta picks. Not at all generally considered a very solid tank. No, the angling and sidescraping ability of the tank is all that matters, yeah? Not the amazing gun and decent speed? Not the fact that unlike a lot of the Russians it has decent gun depression? Yeah, nah, sidescraping.

      Which it can do backwards, too.

      1. Going KV5 backwars? have fun with that.
        Amazing gun because of the DPM?
        Others do better in that regard. Like 113…or Conq. and kran (autoloader) is godly on any slope.
        VZ too… and sacrifice a BIT of stinky DPM and you get the 60TP. who does better in open, on hill and got a big alpha so you dont have to park in open all day to get out your dmg

        Just saying: overrated. enjoy it. wont take it from you(r cold dead hands

  5. I play with non historical turned off. So people can waste their money on something nobody else will see lol

    1. So YOU , as one of FEW that do that, can’t see it, is ‘NOBOD’Y
      I think you meant it the other way around: For a nobody to see it, you need to turn that setting ON 🙂

    2. Amphetamine_Logic do you play with the mini map turned off? Because your bot win rate would suggest it.

    3. I play with non historical stuff off too and I still see this, I honestly disable it to avoid meme clown camos that ruin my experience. On a side note, it’s amazing to see so many people (not the OP) that are extremely butthurt at what others do with their money. Bro, if you want to see the real “loser” then go and take a good look in the mirror.

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