30 thoughts on “Under The Hammer: AMBT Auction

      1. Armour is unreliable as fuq though, if you’d ask me.
        Big 40mm raw plate above the gun, and underneath the gun are strips of 30mm, 70mm and 110mm. The sides are horrible for as well. A KV-85 wouldn’t have much trouble penetrating it with the 122mm gun.

        1. Yes,underneath the gun it’s main weak spot and easy to shoot.I think they should have sold this tank for free experience not gold.

      2. The lower plate makes 50%, so you wont use it on hills much… and pulling back is slower.
        Progetto works great on its agility so…

        It makes sense having a few stats great than all of them “fine”
        jack of all trades master of none?

    1. Dont forget, you need all 3 shots with progetto for that 720 Dmg, in the AMBT you just need 2 of them and you have hulldown abilitys, with progetto, you dont have that, so in some cases, the AMBT could be the better choice, and mobility, they are both great. And if you use the right field mods and modules, you can boost the AMBT on a good level, i know, top speed and gun handling is a bit worse than from progetto, but the progetto is good to play on mid and long range, and with the AMBT you can go straight to the ridge line and brawl with them.

  1. It looks not good on paper but it has Italian autoloader so it’s very noob friendly. A good noob tank.

  2. Note how the STARTING BID is higher than the tank’s actual price – 9900 vs 9850.

    With these events, you’re either loaded and overbid, or you don’t even try.

    Best bet is to just wait for the tank to show up in the web store, be it on its own or as part of a special event (e.g. anniversary, advent calendar).

  3. I kinda want it…but not that badly. QB has just done a good video on what you need to make this machine work and it really needs every bell and whistle AND a good crew (preferably out of the T69 medium) to get reliable results. I think that T9s and T10s are going to smash this puppy.

  4. Apparently nobody is bidding on it. I did check it with modules, decent crew and all that ant I think it is nice. Not the best, BY FAR! not the worst, just solid average.
    Of course its prem ammo Is outstanding. 1500 speed and 278 pen? Pff notttt shabby. Even standard ammo goes 1280… thats freaking swift. Catching anyone in the open will cost him an am and a leg 😡

    for sake of argument: I … mean obj 268 is nice but nothing 60Tp cant do far better.
    and 113 they TOO bought for god knows how much??? it got 5!!!! gundepression over the front with Quicky awkwardly trying to use it over the sides… and even he couldnt make it look good?

    WAT! 50tp (ye again that line) is FAR superior. a hidden gem. so are many many others.

    Cant wait for people to throw a lot of crap at WT who does what foch does but a lot worse … but has a turret. wow. much wow.

    Am i Missing something?

  5. This was complete BS.
    There was no competitive bid. So i lost the item that i wanted because i was under the false impression that my bid was sufficient.

    1. They only show the competitive bids in auctions for free XP. This was shared by WG in advance. That being said, I’d rather they showed competitive bids for all auctions.

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