WoWS Closed Test 0.11.1, “Airship Escort”, changes to economics and other news

Details on the new features of the upcoming Update 0.11.1.

Airship Escort

A new temporary battle type “Airship Escort” will be added to the game!


Each team has an invulnerable airship moving along a fixed route. The task of each team is to either lead their airship to the end of its route first or destroy all enemy warships.

Teams can affect the speed of the allied or enemy airship. Each airship has an interactive zone with a 3km radius displayed around it. The Airship moves faster if there are only allied ships in the zone, and reduces its speed if there is at least one enemy ship in the zone.

Ru only UI screenshot

The battles will be held in a 12 vs 12 format on Tier X ships.

Added themed achievements that can be earned in the “Airship Escort” battle type.

Pan-Asian cruisers. Part 2.

In Update 0.11.1, Early Access to Tier V-X Pan-Asian cruisers will continue. In honor of the event, the “Pan-Asian cruisers. Part 2” flag will be added and the Dragon port updated.

Changes to battle economy
  • Economic reward for destroying aircraft is distributed in the same way as the reward for damaging and destroying ships: now part of the credits and XP will be credited not only for shooting down aircraft, but also for dealing damage to them. On average, the number of resources received will not change, but the reward will become easier to obtain.
  • Redistributed the XP earnings of Tier VIII and X aircraft carriers: they will receive more XP for destroying ships and less for dealing damage. Before the change, good battle results of Tier VIII and X carriers were rewarded less than of ships of other types. Because of that, even a higher number of ships sunk rarely provided a place at the top of the team in terms of XP earnt. Now, high activity of aircraft carriers at these tiers will be rewarded more.
  • Ammunition resupply costs for aircraft carriers and “Airstrike” armament will now be calculated not from the number of planes lost, but from the amount of ammunition used. Alongside that, credits will be spent for resupplying depth charges used in battle. This will bring the cost of resupplying the ammunition of carriers, “Airstrike,” and depth charges in line with other ammunition types.
Ranked battles

From February 16 to May 11, the sixth Ranked battles season will be held.


  • Bronze League: 7 vs 7 on Tier VI-VII ships;
  • Silver League: 6 vs 6 on Tier VIII-IX ships;
  • Gold League: 5 vs 5 on Tier X ships.

Details about the sixth Ranked battles season will be announced later.

Clan Battles

From February 21 to April 11, the 16th Clan Battles Season will be held on tier X ships in a 7 vs 7 format.


  • Aircraft carriers are not allowed.
  • No more than two battleships per team.
  • No identical ships are allowed on a team.

Details about the upcoming Clan Battles season will be announced later.

Other changes and improvements

Changes in the tech tree

With the release of Update 0.11.1, Grosser Kurfürst and Khabarovsk will be replaced in their branches with Preussen and Delny, respectively.

Details about the replacement can be found in our Development blog: and

Changes to bots

The bots’ AI system was completely updated. This will allow us to set up bots for different battle types and game situations easier and faster.

Due to this update, the algorithm for the behavior of bots in Training battles was simplified on all difficulty levels. We do not expect any noticeable changes to bots’ behavior in Co-op battles, Operations, and other battle types. However, since this is a massive update of a whole AI system, it’s difficult to assess the effect of the change instantly. We will keep an eye on how the change affects the bots’ behavior and make adjustments if necessary.

New content

In Update 0.11.1, the following items will be added to the game:

  • “Weird City” permanent camouflage for Austin.
  • “Atlantic” permanent camouflages for Dido and Canarias.
  • Pan-American commander Pedro Max Fernando Frontin.
  • “Yatagarasu”, “Dokkaebi” and “Cat-commander” patches.

Added the “Firepower” container. It contains tier X ships and other rewards.
Container composition:

  • 37,500 Elite commander XP, or 12,500 Free XP, or 900,000 Credits;
  • 15,000 Coal, or 37,500 Free XP, or 120,000 Elite commander XP, or 25 special signals of each type, or one of the following ships with a 10SP commander: Moskva, Max Immelmann, Napoli, F. Sherman, Hayate, Salem, Marceau, Yoshino, G. Kurfürst, Khabarovsk.
  • 37,500 Elite commander XP, or 12,500 Free XP, or 900,000 Credits.

Details about the ways of obtaining these containers and other information will be announced later.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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