WoT – Tank Auction Coming Soon

It seems that there was a video released too early on the Asian World of Tanks YouTube channel titled “Join the Official World of Tanks Auction!”. It announced a “secret” tank auction, which was to take place from January 14 to 19.

It is not known whether the event will apply to all regions.

Five rare vehicles will be up for auction starting from January 14. Place bids in Free Experience and try to grab them for your Garage!

As is usually the case – the video is no longer available.

7 thoughts on “WoT – Tank Auction Coming Soon

  1. The video shows the numbers 10,8,10,8,10 on the sound block. 5 day event – so does this mean a tier 10, tier 8, tier 10, tier 8 and a tier 10 are the options?

  2. the last item was an egg with the same color scheme as the WZ QL so maybe that’s the last tank. As for the book before the bookstamp has a Rabbit on it maybe a really fast tank like EBR FL or something Chinese cause of the Chinese new year

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