WoT: RU10 server – Disabled

Wargaming has disabled the RU10 Kazakhstani World of Tanks game server.

Wargaming was forced a couple of days ago to temporarily shut down the RU10 server, which is intended for players from Kazakhstan and is located in Pavlodar.

The reason: protests in Kazakhstan and a complete shutdown of the Internet in the country by the main Internet provider Kazakhtelecom (a monopoly).

“The RU10 server is temporarily unavailable for technical reasons. The rest of the servers are available for playing and are working normally. Devs will inform you about the resumption of the server’s work additionally. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

2 thoughts on “WoT: RU10 server – Disabled

  1. LOL the burdens of having servers in banana dictatorships.

    Wasn’t the whole game affected when Lukasenko rigged his way to power and there were protests in Belarus?

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