WoT Holiday Ops – Confirmed Large Boxes Tanks

Premium tanks:

  1. [NEW] M-IV-Y (USA, HT-8, prem).
  2. [NEW] Caliban (Great Britain, HT-8, prem).
  3. [NEW] Bofors Tornvagn (Sweden, HT-8, prem).
  4. Škoda T 56 (Czechoslovakia, TT-8, prem).
  5. 122 TM (China, ST-8, prem).
  6. [NEW] KV-1 shielded (USSR, HT-5, prem)
  7. [NEW] M4-85 (USSR, ST-5, prem)
  8. [NEW] Matilda LVT (UK, MT-4, prem)
  9. [NEW] Pz.Kpfw. M 15 (Germany, LT-3, prem)
  10. [NEW] Pz.Kpfw. 35 R (Germany, LT-2, prem)

All 3 new high tier tanks are interesting.

3D Styles (New):

  • 3D-style “Saiga” for ST-II.
  • 3D-style “Sixfighter” for Object 268 Option 4 – (cut in 2020 from the game files)
  • 3D-style “Salamander” for the XM551 Sheridan.
  • Thunder Child 3D style for the FV4005 Stage II.
  • 3D-style “Hurricane” for Vz. 55.
  • 3D-style “Fortune” for Rinoceronte.

3D styles (last year):

  • 3D-style “Landkreuzer” for Maus.
  • 3D style “Little Bart” for the Conqueror Gun Carriage.
  • 3D-style “The Last Dragon” for the WZ-111 model 5A.
  • 3D-style “Kosigatana” for STB-1.
  • 3D style “40: 1” for 60TP Lewandowskiego.

One thought on “WoT Holiday Ops – Confirmed Large Boxes Tanks

  1. A LOT of new stuff…. wow. I am kinda shocked they saved them all up.
    I would like 122 but… the DPM is just awful XD

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