Holiday Ops: Drop Chances for Large Boxes

The dazzling Holiday Ops 2022 event is not only about decorating your Garage and completing special missions, but also wonderful surprises from the Large Boxes we’ve prepared for you this festive season. Brand-new and rare Premium vehicles, exclusive 3D styles, gold, and much more will be up for grabs from December 9, 2021, at 07:00 CET through January 10, 2022, at 07:00 CET (UTC+1). Enjoy Large Boxes and celebrate the holidays with us!

One decoration + 250 gold
DROP CHANCE: 85.94%:
1 day of WoT Premium Account
3 days of WoT Premium Account
7 days of WoT Premium Account
250 gold
500 gold
1,000 gold
100,000 credits
500,000 credits

Bofors Tornvagn



122 TM

Škoda T 56

Pz.Kpfw. 35 R
Pz.Kpfw. M15
Matilda LVT
KV-1 Shielded
New 3D Styles

Formidable Tanks for Your Collection

The sweetest and most coveted gifts you might find inside Large Boxes are the formidable Tier VIII Premium tanks, including three brand-new vehicles. Each box may contain one Tier VIII Premium tank from the following list:

  • NEW! The  VIII Bofors Tornvagn —a Swedish heavy tank with a powerful regular (cyclic) gun that deals 400 HP of alpha damage. Its standard APCR shell penetrates 248 mm of armor, while the special APCR round penetrates 297 mm. It also features a turret of an unusual design with 280 mm of frontal armor, which makes it almost impenetrable. Mighty and menacing, the Bofors Tornvagn can easily carry a team and become a game-changer in any battle.
  • NEW! The  VIII Caliban —a British heavy tank with a quick 2-shell autoreloader and HE-based gameplay. The main feature of this large-caliber Brit is its 152.4 mm gun, which deals 850 HP of damage with the standard HE shell and 600 HP with the special AP round. The reload time between shells is 3.75 seconds, so you can cause an astonishing 1,700 HE-damage within two breaths. This tank is sure to strike fear into your opponents in close combat!
  • NEW! The  VIII M-IV-Y —an American heavy tank from the newest Yoh branch featuring the unique reserve track mechanics. This special hallmark allows the M-IV-Y to continue moving (although with a speed penalty) even if both main tracks are destroyed, which opens up new tactical possibilities and provides an unusual gameplay experience. This well-armored tank has good mobility for a heavy and is armed with a 105 mm gun that deals 360 HP of alpha damage.
  • The  VIII 122 TM —a Chinese medium tank with a significant 400 HP of alpha damage and 233 mm of default penetration. Its gun depression can reach –8 degrees, compared to the nation’s standard of –5 degrees, which makes the 122 TM the first Chinese tank you can comfortably bring to hilly terrain. It is one of the most well-protected mediums at Tier VIII, brilliantly performing as a long-range sharpshooting support vehicle.
  • The  VIII Škoda T 56 —a Czechoslovakian heavy with a 2-shell autoloader. It deals 460 HP of alpha damage—one of the highest among fellow Tier VIII tanks. The rapid reload time between shots means it can cause 920 HP of damage in under 4 seconds! A unique combination of firepower, a sturdy turret with protective screens, and great gun depression make the Škoda T 56 one of the best tanks in the game.

You might receive one of the brand-new Tier II–V Premium vehicles instead. All of them are real historical projects and represent tanks assembled from components of various vehicles:

  • The Pz.Kpfw. 35 R—a Tier II German light tank. In 1940, the German army received more than 800 French Renault R35 light tanks. The turret of this vehicle was very cramped, and the armament was considered weak even for auxiliary operations. The German forces replaced their turrets with those of captured Soviet T-26 tanks, and so the hybrid Pz.Kpfw. 35 R was born.
  • The Pz.Kpfw. M15—a Tier III German light tank. In September 1943, the German army gained control of the Italian company Ansaldo. At that time, this plant was producing the Carro Armato P26 / 40 and Carro Armato M15 / 42 tanks. The latter received the new designation Pz.Kpfw. M15/42. In the process of repairing damaged vehicles belonging to one of the German military units, a hybrid of the Pz.Kpfw. M15/42 and Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) was created, which combined the turret of one tank and the chassis of another. The resulting vehicle was used in Yugoslavia, where it was captured by Yugoslav troops in the spring of 1945.
  • The Matilda LVT—a Tier IV British medium tank. In the autumn of 1941, the Australian army received 200 Matilda infantry tanks as military aid, which were later actively used in battles in Southeast Asia. The vehicle combined decent armor with mediocre weaponry and was delivered without HE shells; the Australians began to produce these on their own. Later, several experiments were carried out to install turrets from other vehicles on this tank, including those from the LVT (A) -4 and LVT (A) -5.
  • The M4-85—a Tier V Soviet medium tank. From 1943 to 1944, Soviet engineers worked to improve the characteristics of various tanks in service with the Red Army. They studied the possibility of installing more powerful guns on vehicles supplied under Lend-Lease. One such promising project was the refinement of American M4A2 medium tanks for the installation of Soviet T-34 turrets, which were designed for an 85 mm gun.
  • The KV-1 Shielded—a Tier V Soviet heavy tank. In March 1941, the Kirov and Izhora plants were ordered to develop shields for the KV-1 tank that would enhance its frontal armor, as well as the turret and hull sides. By June 1941, the first three shielded tanks had already been assembled at the Kirov plant. Their production continued until the end of July of the same year.

Amazing 3D Styles for Tier X Vehicles

If Lady Luck is on your side, you might find another item instead—a brand-new 3D style* for one of the following Tier X vehicles:

  • FV4005 Stage II

If you currently don’t own the vehicle, you will still receive the 3D style and you can apply it once you get the tank. You can only get one 3D style of each kind per account, which means that the styles that you have already obtained will no longer drop.

Finally, you may find one of five stunning 3D styles from last year’s Large Boxes for the following vehicles:

  • Conqueror Gun Carriage

There are a total of 11 unique 3D styles available this festive season—try to collect them all!


If you receive a vehicle that is already in your Garage, you will be compensated its full value in gold, no matter how many times it happens. A free Garage slot will also be added.


Vehicle Value in gold
 Škoda T 56 10,550 
 Bofors Tornvagn 9,650 
M-IV-Y 9,500 
Caliban 9,450 
122 TM  8,450 
M4-85 1,500 
KV-1 Shielded 1,500   
Matilda LVT 1,200 
Pz.Kpfw. M15 850 
Pz.Kpfw. 35 R  500 
All items dropped from opened Large Boxes will be displayed on a special screen in the game client, so you can easily keep track of the gifts you have received.

If you still have unopened Large Boxes at the end of the event on your account, they will be opened automatically. Once the event ends, any Large Boxes that you sent as gifts, but that were not opened by their recipients, will return to your account and be opened automatically.

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    1. But it’s bad, that they always add the skins only from the previous year and not the previous yearS. I still miss some of the very cool looking ones from the first years, but the only chance to get them recently was by paying almost a Tier7 tank value in gold to WG, and that is just ridiculous..

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